Completing the Journey: Coming home with us

Completing the Journey: Coming home with us [1]

Ethiopian Aliyah [2]Aliyah [2]Operation Dove’s Wings [2]Aliyah from Gondar [2]Aliyah of Rescue [2]Voices Aliyah [3]Ever wondered what the journey from Gondar to Israel looks like?Home! A young Ethiopian immigrant kisses the ground after landing in IsraelKatelo Dego packs for his journey to Israel, as his son looks on. He and his family will join his parents and siblings at Beit Alfa Absorption Center in the Galilee. Asher Seyum, Jewish Agency Chief Emissary to Ethiopia, explains the journey of the next days. Packing to complete their journey450 new immigrants gather at The Jewish Agency Center in Gondar with their belongings.450 new immigrants pack buses in Gondar with their belonging for their new life in Israel Buses at the ready in Gondar, to take the new immigrants from The Jewish Agency Center to the airport. The journey - from Gondar, through Addis Ababa, to Israel - begins.Addis Ababa: A farewell ceremony was held on the morning of Wednesday August 28, 2013. A farewell ceremony was held in Addis Ababa on the morning of August 28 with Jewish Agency Chairman, Natan Sharansky Israel’s Minister of Immigrant Absorption, Sofa Landver, (speaking here) and Israels Ambassador to Ethiopia, Belaynesh Zevadia.Asher Seyum, Jewish Agency emissary to Ethiopia, accompanies new immigrants onto the final flight to Israel. Eliezer (Moodi) Sandberg, Chairman of Keren Hayesod-United International Appeal (KH-UIA), meeting new immigrants on the final flight of Operation Doves Wings.A family of immigrants on the final flight of Operation Doves Wings wave the flag of their new country. Minister of Immigrant Absorption, Sofa Landver, and Chairman of The Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky alight the final flight of Operation Doves WingsHome! A young Ethiopian immigrant kisses the ground after landing in IsraelReunited! Relatives greet new arrivals at an emotional reunion at Ben Gurion Airport with the completion of Operation Doves Wings

Operation Dove's Wings completed a circle which began with a 2, 500 year old dream to return to Israel, as Chairman of The Jewish Agency for Israel, Natan Sharansky commented at a welcome ceremony attended by partners, government dignitaries, and Ethiopian olim who were reunited with their families.

Sharansky added that The Jewish Agency will continue to assist those eligible for Aliyah from Ethiopia.

For the new immigrants, the journey is only beginning - they will live and learn at the 17 Jewish Agency Absorption Centers around Israel as they ease into their integration in their new country.


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Over 92, 000 Ethiopians have been brought to Israel by the Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency. This photo-essay by Moshik Brin and Margot Saffer tells the story of the 450 new arrivals who landed at Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday 28 August, 2013, marking the completion of the journey. Aliyah
29 Aug 2013 / 23 Elul 5773 0
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