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Aliyah Expo [1]
The annual Aliyah Expo was once again held in both Johannesburg and Cape Town and this year’s theme was Aliyah Now and why Aliyah may be the best choice for many, right now. 
To get this point across delegates came from Israel to discuss many differing topics. This included Telfed, as always capably represented by its Deputy Director, Rabbi Dorron Kline.   The Israel Centre was also privileged to host Alan Green Director of programmes in the Jewish Agency for Israel, he was also joined by his colleague Baruch Kostsewa, Director of the Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem Programme, one of the premier programme options for young professionals making Aliyah to Israel. 
There were also Israel Centre representatives available to discuss Naale Elite Academy, a schooling option for pupils to finish their final high school years in Israel. Ori Leizer, Aliyah and Betar Shaliach, provided information on how to find a job in Israel and the intricacies of getting an Israeli CV ready. 
The city of Ashqelon had delegates on hand to provide information about the wonderful opportunities for those interested in settling in Ashqelon. Home in Israel real estate agents were  available to talk about property for those more drawn to Netanya and its surrounds.  
In Johannesburg, Bailey’s Worldwide provided shipping information and Leon Harris from Harris Consulting and Tax provided useful insight into the new Israeli tax laws.
This and much more was offered in a fun and bright environment providing potential Olim with all the know-how necessary to make a smooth transition in Israel after making Aliyah. If you missed out on this thoroughly informative event contact the Johannesburg Aliyah Department on 011 645 2560 [2] or Cape Town on 021 464 6718 or [3] because it’s never too late to make Aliyah Now! 


aliyah expo [4]Israel Centre [4]JAFRICA - The Israel Centre BlogIsrael Centre [5]This year The Israel Centre hosted, what we might call, our most successful Aliyah Expo to date!Aliyah Expo 2013Yaniv Nachmias, Aliyah, Community and Habonim Dror Shaliach and Shana Beinart, Aliyah, Education and Events Coordinator of the Israel CentreDavid Zwebner discussing Ashkelon with potential OlimAlan Green presenting at the Aliyah Now Expo LaunchThis year The Israel Centre hosted, what we might call, our most successful Aliyah Expo to date!Aliyah
02 Sep 2013 / 27 Elul 5773
02 Sep 2013 / 27 Elul 5773 0
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