Master classes offer novel glimpse into Israeli culture

Master classes offer novel glimpse into Israeli culture [1]

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – At the upcoming three-day session, starting Sunday, February 17th, Masa participants will be able to meet and learn from actress Irit Sheleg of the Cameri Theater; performer and composer, Shlomi Saban; authors Eshkol Nevo, representatives of the Vertigo contemporary dance company; Israeli “Idol” television singing contest winner, Harel Skat, and others.

Sheleg, who adopted an Orthodox lifestyle, will hold a film screening [2] dealing with Orthodox culture, with a master class set for after the film.

Shaban, a classically-trained pianist who has performed extensively with the Israel Philharmonic, decided to break with that career path and enter the popular music world as a singer, songwriter and composer [3].

Jerusalem-born Nevo is the grandchild of Levi Eshkol, a former prime minister and pre-state Jewish Agency treasurer. His novel "Noyland" nominee for the 2011 Sapir Prize for Literature [4].

Nevo, who spent his childhood years in both Israel and Detroit, Michigan, studied creative writing with author Yael Hedaya, studied literature at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and has participated in workshops with authors Amos Oz, Haim Be'er, Nurit Zarchi and Uri Bernstein.|

The Jerusalem-based Vertigo Dance Company has won an immense number of awards, and is celebrating [5] its 20th anniversary.

Harel Skat is a well-known singer and performer [6] of several hit songs, and is extremely popular with young Israelis. Video: [6]

Register for the sessions via the Masa website: [7]

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13 Feb 2013 / 3 Adar II 5773
13 Feb 2013 / 3 Adar II 5773 0
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נתן רועי

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