Purim Activities & Programming
  1. Exercise: Dramatis Personae of Purim
  2. Symbol of Purim: the Ra'ashan or Noisemaker
  3. Class and Group Activities
  4. Ideas for Group Activities: Scenarios
  5. Ideas for Group Activities & Mini-Adloyadas
  6. Activities for Younger Children
  7. Purim Story Exhibit - activity for younger children
  8. Purim Fun
  9. Our Purim Quiz
  10. Puzzles 

Megillah and Mitzvot Focus
  1. Mitzvot and Customs in the Sources
  2. Megillat Esther in Summary, Questions 1
  3. Megillat Esther in Summary, Questions 2
  4. Megillat Esther in Summary, Questions 3

Purim: Best of the Web

Our Purim Website in Other Languages


The History, Concepts, Language & Geography of Purim
  1. Introduction
  2. Profile and Origins
  3. Between Man and Fellow Man
  4. The Scroll of Esther and Anti-Semitism
  5. The Nature of Purim: The Uniqueness of Megillat Esther; Common Expressions & Proverbs from the Megillah
  6. Pur-Purim: The Source and Meaning of the Term
  7. Celebrating Purim
  8. Purim Customs
  9. The Purimspiel (Purimshpil) 
  10. Purim Variations - Did You Know?
  11. Purim Customs around the World

Feminine Perspectives on Purim

Special Units



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