Dateline 29 November 1995

  1. Dedication

  2. Activity 1: Mini-survey

  3. Mini-survey worksheet

  4. Activity 2: Simulated debate

  5. Simulation role sheets

  6. Simulation background - poll data

  7. Activity 3: Discussion

  8. Discussion perspectives - 4 articles

  9. Optional Activity Suggestion: stereotypes

Dedication to the Memory of Yitzhak Rabin, z"l

We dedicate this series of educational resources to the memory of our late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin z"l, on the anniversary of the UN Resolution to partition mandate Palestine - Kaf-Tet Be-November - and on the special date of the Shloshim , marking the end of thirty days of mourning since the assassination.

One month since Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated, many of the questions raised before and after his murder remain on the national agenda:

  • is the country irreparably divided or is there a new atmosphere of unity and hope?

  • do you see this repeating in your own Jewish community or other communities worldwide?

  • does the peace process offer more security than risk?

  • is the peace process going to go forward as hoped and embrace all Israel's neighbors?

  • has the assassination had an impact on society and political life? 

  • has it had an impact on Jewish life worldwide and your community, in particular? How? 

  • what is the state of health of Israel as a democracy?

At this point in time there is as yet no perspective and no accurate prognosis: moreover, for as long as emotions remain high and we are witness to the tumult caused by the painful point-scoring between conflicting groups or parties, it is impossible to build a clear picture of the situation. We need to allow time for questions to be asked, for clarification to take place - yet we must address the immediate need for up-to-date information in our educational programming.

The perspectives we have decided to present in this series are those afforded by a strange coincidence of dates: the closeness of the anniversary of KAF-TET BENOVEMBER and the end of the SHLOSHIM for the late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin.

While the timing may seem accidental, the commonality of substance is not: the late Yitzhak Rabin, in his address to the Knesset in which he presented the Oslo 2 accords, made reference to the responsibility and necessity of David Ben Gurion's fateful decision of 1947. Both national political leaders negotiated and agreed to territorial changes; both were confronted by substantial opposition; both resolved to opt for compromise. In both processes, Jews around the world have become involved; today's electronic global village even makes this impact instantaneous.

Here the broad parallel ends. In this triple-phased series of activities, complete with sources and feedback sheet, we direct the final session to the debate which concerns us all: the dynamics of the Jewish community worldwide in and upon events in Israel.

May Israel continue to know vibrant and genuine debate on every issue of importance and may the country and people be granted peace.

General Editor: Dr. Motti Friedman
Compilation, Production: Gila Ansell Brauner
Internet Production: Esther Carciente
Research: Geulah Rosenak, Barbara Weill
Translations: Chaim Mayerson
Distribution: Naftali Armon

Special thanks:
We would like to thank the Office of the Director General for permission to translate and use the article by Avraham Burg.
We would like to thank Mr. Yossi Pnini of the Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education to translate and use his article.
We would like to thank IMRA for permission to use their translation of public opinion polls.

All other research sources and articles are credited in appropriate files.


Created: November 29th, 95
copyright 1995 The Pedagogic Center






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