Written and compiled by: Michael Wegier

Internet Version (2004)

Editor: Gila Ansell Brauner

Electronic Version: Yigal Lapidus

Layout & Web Production: Esther Carciente

© 2004 The Pedagogic Center, The Department for Jewish Zionist Education, JAFI.


Rak Reka No. 16 - February 1993
Written and compiled by: Michael Wegier

Consultant: Dr Dov Goldflam

Editor: Barbara Weill

English Editor & Production: Gila Ansell Brauner

Typesetting/Layout: Astronel

Printed at: Maor Wallach

© 1993 The Pedagogic Center, The Youth & Hechalutz Department, The Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education, WZO/JAFI








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