This activity suits all frameworks.

• In the traditional, Classical Zionist Youth Movements of Europe, the most common form of educational programme was the Sicha. This literally means "discussion", but actually implied more of a formal teaching experience by a senior madrich/a or counsellor. The Sicha remains a very important method of teaching today even in this technological world, where young people require far more to hold their attention.

• Here are a number of suggestions of Sichot to hold with your group. Bear in mind the need to keep a balance between giving information and involving them in discussion:

o Polish Jewry before the war;
o the different Youth Movements;
o life in the Ghetto;
o the Movements in the Ghetto;
o non-physical resistance;
o the decision to set up an Underground,
o the Revolt itself.

These are just a few of the many possibilities.

• With an older group you may wish to discuss the whole concept of the Sicha itself - why it was so important then and what its role is today in the Youth Movements.







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