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The customs of Rosh Hashanah, such as bread and honey, and apple and honey, a new fruit on the second night, and eating other sweet dishes, are universally known, but there are a range of different traditions.

The best known is the Seder Rosh Hashanah over different fruits and vegetables, which follows the blessing for and eating of the bread in honey. However, there are additional customs, brought below in their correct order.

Before Kiddush

I. To recite "Eliahu Hanavi" and then to recite the following verses:

Venoach matza chen be'einei Hashem - And Noah found favour in the eyes of the L-rd. [12 times]

Vayizra Yitzhak ba'aretz hahi vayimtza bashanah hahi me'ah she'arim, vayevarcheihu - And Isaac planted in the land and he found in that year one hundered gates, and he blessed them. [12 times]

Ki imecha mekor chayim, be'orecha nireh-or - And with You is the source of life, and in Your light shall we see light. [10 times]

Or zaru'a latzadik, uleyishrei-lev simchah - Light (of Creation) shall shine for the righteous (in the World to Come) and happiness for the upright. [17 times]

Va'amartem koh lechai, ve'ata shalom uveitecha shalom vechol asher lecha shalom - And when you have said "lechaim", may you know peace, your household know peace, and all that that is yours know peace. [10 times]

Tachel shanah uvirchoteha - Let the New Year begin and its blessings.

2. To recite two series of "bakashot" (requests), beginning with:

Ana Hashem Ha-el hagadol hagibor vehanora - O G-d, great, mighty and awe-inspiring Creator, we beseech you...

3. After Hamotzi (bread)

To recite special verses and partake of symbolic fruits and vegetables, especially those whose names carry the same word root as that of the request, or symbolise sweetness, prosperity, good fortune.

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The symbols and orders vary slightly, here are two sedarim (orders):

A. Seder #1 (as above)

Tamar - dates 
Rubiya (aniseeds) or Lubiya (white or green beans)
Karti - leeks
Salka (Hebrew: selek) - Swiss chard, can be beetrot
K'ra - pumpkin
Rimon - Pomegranate
Apple in cooked sugar or honey
Sheep or fish head (verses include a reference to Akedat Yitzhak, Abraham's trial of the command to sacrifice Isaac)

B. Seder #2

Tamar (two verses recited)
Karti (two verses recited)
Salka (two verses recited)
Fish head (two verses recited)
Sheep's head

Rosh Hashanah Seder
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