Жили были...

Мы хотим поделиться с вами историей новой репатриантки Анны Малышевой и ее замечательной семьи. Это правда абсолютно чудесная история, которая не оставит никого равнодушным, а кому-то, возможно, поможет найти ответы на важные вопросы.

Anna Malysheva

for Anna Glimcher

Once upon a time ... Many stories begin, so let it begin, and the story of two little boys who lived a near Moscow, in a beautiful large house that their parents are writers built on the border of the old pine forest. In their garden, which is planted parents grew many flowers bloomed cherry and plum. Their parents were well-known writers, on whose books were filmed movies. The boys had three dogs, they went on a big car, and in the garden even has its own playground of several attractions. One may ask - is this not been the happiest boys in the world? No, it was not. They had their own playground because they were abused on the common. They lived in their home, which parents have built around them, because in the apartment it was very difficult to do nothing. They dreamed to go to kindergarten and school, wanted to play and make friends with other children, but there were a couple of months, and then they were transferred to individual training. And after the (very soon), trying to make sure that children left school at all. "We can not do anything for you - talking to their parents. - Go to another place "Their parents went to another place, of course!. And the boys grew. Say they have not started. Zhenya and Seni (the name of the boys), was diagnosed with autism. And very soon the parents realized that schools for their children, not only there, but also will not be.

They did have a lot of friends with the highly functional autistic, who fell to the home schooling with brilliant abilities. Eugene and Semyon grew affectionate beautiful boys, curious, without a trace of aggression ... But their autism classified as nizkofunktsionalny. 

And one day my parents told each other: "Kids grow up. They need a school. We never imagined not just that they have not gone to school. Let's get ready ... "

Then I'll tell already from the first person, because then there was our final awakening from that protracted tale, when we all waiting for something ... Did you see how well the children in his big house ... It is difficult to break down and it is difficult to lose, but to be parents, then, to be able to do that, too. Last May, we began to collect documents for the first hike in the Israeli consulate. Come in August. Since we first went Senya, he had a lighter period. Still, he narevelsya fright, because he is not able to wait, even though he (nonsense!) Allowed to take to the consulate tablet so that it distracted them. Senya was distracted by the fact that he was sitting on my lap while I filled out a questionnaire. With us all coddled, Senya allowed himself to photograph is not the first time. Took the hand of a person just because a pretty girl asked ... You're the help we have collected to the end of September, then we went to Eugene. We were told to come to open a visa at any time. But we have come only at the end of January - something being finished, closed, changed ...

opening the field of visas, we went directly to the Jewish Agency. The husband went there in August at Hebrew courses in the ulpan, and I was just going to make an intensity. We had relatives in Israel, but long, and we personally no one saw. It so happened that one of us was not even in Israel! We left everything and would have two months to go. What struck me against rocked ... ... We never tried to manipulate the fact that we have children with disabilities. We love them, proud of their achievements, but the conversation we never start with this. And then ... Once we mention that in children a severe form of autism, we began to help as never helped relatives. This is no exaggeration. Everyone knows that the Jewish Agency orders a ticket departing families, gives advice, offers the opportunity to attend intensive courses in Hebrew. But it is no secret that removed first home in Israel is very difficult to repatriate. Of course, shoot it all in the end. But the question - where we will land out of the taxi with two children, who have had the most amazing feeling in your life, forcing us to wait ... To doubt. Hotel? We chose Migdal Emek, and there are not very many hotels. And the number of places of our arrival was not there. And then, with us flying dog (and even canary), and animals could not be anywhere. Book through real estate websites? So in fact at first anyway, it must be somewhere for the first time to put things and putting children. And then we look for an apartment. And then, already at our first communication, the Jewish Agency employee contacted by telephone with our local coordinator. And then it turned out that we will provide free municipal apartment for the first time! Meet and populated even at night, and even take care of that in the refrigerator for children were yogurts, water, something to eat ... I did not have time to move away from this news when it was revealed that the coordinator will also us to seek first apartment to learn that our children are going ...

My feelings I can not express. I am grateful, came out into the corridor, I wanted to cry. It seemed to me that I began to breathe a new air, and it is unusual for me still. Then the Jewish Agency employee of the education department began to ring up a school for autistic children in our area. I sat beside him. And when I heard on the loudspeaker, as the director of the school where the boys can go, it confirms that it there will be very happy to see, and that they do not worry ... I realized that I had already left.

Why Migdal Emek, ask my friends, even the Israelis? It is a small beautiful town in the mountains, high life ... there is no need to go to the sea. But next to it there are a few such schools for autistic children, which is still not in the Moscow region and in Moscow. And yet there are people who have never seen, but which are already waiting for us. There will be children grow and learn, where we'll write a book.

Our family would like to thank the staff of the Jewish Agency in Moscow, Ms. Anna Glimcher, Mrs. Rita Kogan, and the coordinator of the Ministry of Aliyah in Migdal Emek, Ms. Lydia Furman, who every day in touch with us. And all the wonderful people who helped us ... We're leaving the day after tomorrow ...



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