The Summer Shlichim Program

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The Summer Shlichim Program offers a one-on-one opportunity for your campers to engage with Israel.

The Summer Shlichim Program offers a one-on-one opportunity to engage with Israel and the Jewish People. Our Shlichim are an integral part of your camp staff and work together with your local counselors. Through their personal and professional interactions, they educate campers and staff alike about Israel — its culture, history and people, ultimately informing an interconnected, global Jewish family.

"The presence and engagement of the shlichim is more than just 'Israel Education;' it is the representation of Israel for all senses." - Aaron Selkow, URJ Camp Harlam

 The Shlichim sent by The Jewish Agency have brought Israel to life for hundreds of thousands of young Jews and their families for over 46 years at Jewish summer camps in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, and Australia.


We match Shlichim, based on their skills and personality, according to your camp’s needs. We have Shlichim who are experienced in specialty areas, such as Israeli culture, music, arts and crafts, sports, Hebrew, Israeli folk dance, nature, and much more. Just ask! There is a shaliach for every summer program. Israel engagement and education have been recognized as key identity builders for young Jews around the world, and a Shaliach has the unique ability to bring living Israel straight to Jews wherever they are.


• Our hand-picked Shlichim represent all streams of Israeli society. They all speak conversational English and are post-army or national service. The Shlichim are trained, experienced counselors who have worked with children and teens in youth movements, community centers, and/or the army.

• The 3-stage screening process for Jewish Agency Shlichim to the summer camp program is both comprehensive and intensive to ensure you get the absolute best of what Israel youth has to offer. Once the candidates are chosen, they undergo a rigorous training program throughout the year prior to their arrival, guaranteeing your camp a motivated, educated, and confident Israel emissary.

• We are always in contact with our Shlichim throughout the summer via emails, weekly newsletters, and visits. This ensures fresh programming ideas and up-to-date news from Israel. We are available to help you and your Shlichim at any stage of the experience.

“We bring two Shlichim to our camp every summer and it has become a part of our culture. While our Shlichim fill various full time roles during their stay with us, the main objective of their presence is to bring Israel to our town. They teach the entire camp Hebrew words and phrases. They share their favorite music from Israel to dance to. They even cook for our kids. The different cultural perspective the shlichim provide is something that many day camps lack, and is invaluable in making a meaningful experience for children at our camp.” - Virginia Clark, Director, Youth Services, Stamford Jewish Community Center


• Bridge the gap between Jews of different backgrounds and Israel

• Strengthen understanding of Jewish and Israeli culture and customs

• Provide fresh perspectives on Israel to young Jews


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Shlichim (Israeli Emissaries)

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    Service Year Shlichim

    The goal of the Service Year Program (formerly Shin-shinim) is to place high school graduates from Israel in Jewish communities abroad for a one-year program of volunteer activity (Shnat Sheirut).

  • Community Shlichim

    Community Shlichim are guided by local leadership to engage all age groups within their host communities in a range of Jewish and Israel activities.

  • Senior shlichut
    Senior Shlichim

    The goal of these shlichim is to link the next generation of the host community to their global Jewish family by connecting them to Israel.

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    The Jewish Agency Israel Fellows to Hillel

    Campus Israel Fellows serve as peer ambassadors on campuses and in the local community.

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    Youth Movement Shlichim

    Youth Movement Shlichim works with different communities and within youth movements in a particular geographical region.

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    Zionist Seminars

    The Zionist Seminars Program creates tailor-made informal education programs designed to increase Jewish awareness, and to promote an understanding of Israel and its ideals.