Zionist Seminars

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The Zionist Seminars Program creates tailor-made informal education programs designed to increase Jewish awareness, and to promote an understanding of Israel and its ideals.

This program is implemented within formal education framework through seminars and workshops in schools and community institutions.

Seminars are fun and employ sophisticated media and methods. They complement the existing curriculum and are tailor-made to suit the needs of each community.

These seminars and the shlichim who run them target young Jewish students who are making decisions about their future, helping them clarify their attitudes to Israel and their Jewish heritage.


  • Service year shlicha Mia Winraob in England
    Service Year Shlichim

    The goal of the Service Year Program (formerly Shin-shinim) is to place high school graduates from Israel in Jewish communities abroad for a one-year program of volunteer activity (Shnat Sheirut).

  • Senior shlichut
    Senior Shlichim

    The goal of these shlichim is to link the next generation of the host community to their global Jewish family by connecting them to Israel.

  • Israel Fellows in campus fighting BDS
    The Jewish Agency Israel Fellows to Hillel

    Campus Israel Fellows serve as peer ambassadors on campuses and in the local community.

  • youth movement shlichim
    Youth Movement Shlichim

    Youth Movement Shlichim works with different communities and within youth movements in a particular geographical region.

  • Community Shlichim

    Community Shlichim are guided by local leadership to engage all age groups within their host communities in a range of Jewish and Israel activities.

  • Summer camp shlichim
    The Summer Shlichim Program

    The Summer Shlichim Program offers a one-on-one opportunity for your campers to engage with Israel.