Jewish Agency Mishlachat (Delegation)

MishlachatThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©, Israel Centre, South Africa
South Africa Israel Centre Logo The Jewish Agency trains dynamic, young and talented shlichim (emissaries) and sends them to Jewish communities, youth movements, schools, Jewish organizations and campuses around the world, to assist with Jewish and Zionist education and with community-development. These shlichim are committed to strengthening the Jewish identity of the community, whilst creating a connection between global Jewry and the State of Israel.


Shimon Shamila
Israel Centre Director and head of Mishlachat 
“I believe that the South African community is one with strong Jewish, Zionist roots.”
011 645 2560
Yaron Shiponi
WZO and Habonim Dror Shaliach
“I hope to bring Israel – as I know it – to the people of South Africa.”
076 044 1133
Yaniv Nachmias
Community, Aliyah and Habonim Dror Shaliach (Cape Town)
“My main objective is to bring Israel and Zionism to the South African community.”
021 464 6718
Ori Leizer
Beitar and Aliyah Shaliach
“Tel Hai to all past, present and future Beitarim.”
082 851 3963