• Israeli children taking cover in a nursery in Hod Hasharon.

    Report: Voices From Rocket-Battered Southern Israel

    'This morning I woke up with the definition of an “emergency procedure”.'
    By Jewish Agency on 16 Jul 2014 / 18 Tamuz 5774
  • New immigrants and staff run to bomb shelter in Ashdod's immigrant absorption center, as 'Code Red' siren goes off during Operation Protective Edge.

    From Lugansk to Code Red in Ashdod

    "Once the war began, the Israeli consul in Lugansk helped us leave Ukraine. We had passports, and soon we received assistance from The Jewish Agency and the organization "Ezra." They
    By נתן רועי on 14 Jul 2014 / 16 Tamuz 5774
  • The Balsha family celebrated their traditional wedding, according to religious law, as part of their conversion process to Judaism.

    Wedding Under Fire

    “We are trying to keep to normal routine as much as we can, even in states of emergency."
    By Jewish Agency on 10 Jul 2014 / 12 Tamuz 5774
  • Maria (age 5) of Ukraine, Gavriel (age 5) of Yemen, Annamalai (age 5) of Peru, AJ (age 6) of South Africa, and Sofia (age 4) of Argentina—all of them recent immigrants to Israel—pose in the sukkah they helped build at The Jewish Agency's Ye'elim Immigrant

    International Sukkah-Hop

    Visit sukkot around the world
    By Margot Saffer on 20 Sep 2013 / 16 Tishrei 5774
  • Young immigrants from Ethiopia have their faces painted to get into the Purim mood at the Canaan-Meron Absorption Center in Safed

    Happy Purim

    The Jewish Agency celebrates Purim in communities around the world and in Israel
    By Jewish Agency on 17 Mar 2014 / 15 Adar II 5774
  • New immigrants playing volleyball in the court donated by tourists

    One for the team

    Tourists donate a volleyball court to Beit Alfa-Gilboa Absorption Center
    By נתן רועי on 05 May 2013 / 25 Iyar 5773
  • Ethiopian youth revel at pre-bar a batmitzva - Lag Bomer bonfire ​ TEASER: Theres no comparison between their experiences and mine, said an older Ethiopian counselor  ALT: Its totally different, the madrich said, noting that even the pre-aliyah pr

    Ethiopian youth revel at pre-bar and bat-mitzvah Lag B'Omer bonfire

    "There's no comparison between their experiences and mine," said an older Ethiopian counselor
    By Dave Bender on 28 Apr 2013 / 18 Iyar 5773
  • IDF Sgt. Ezra Adana proudly hold his Outstanding Soldier certificate, at the conclusion of an award ceremony held in Maalot-Tarshsha in northern Israel

    Outstanding Adana

    Ethiopian-born lone soldier recognized as an Outstanding Soldier
    By נתן רועי on 11 Apr 2013 / 1 Iyar 5773
  • Fun and dancing on Good Deeds Day, Nahariyas Tapuz Absorption Center (participant-submitted photo)

    Nahariya olim celebrate 'Good Deeds Day'

    'Caring and giving was in the air'
    By Benjy Rutland on 26 Feb 2013 / 16 Adar 5773
  • A member of the Rabbinic Cabinet photographs Doctor Lena with her copy of Mamonides 'Prayer for Doctors'

    Rabbinic Cabinet blesses immigrant physicians

    'It is only thanks to this program that I could make my dream come true'
    By Margot Saffer on 12 Feb 2013 / 2 Adar 5773