What new programming could there possibly be after the soil has been so thoroughly turned?!!!

Let us use the connection between Tu B'Shvat and care for the environment, and {C}

we shall take as the point of departure the significance of all four Jewish New Years [human, trees & tithing, liberation and exodus from slavery in Egypt, animal stock,] for stocktaking in the broader sense.

In this series of pages we address the themes of environment and ecology at the metaphorical level, using the analogy of a forest and its environment to examine the Jewish community. For this reason, the materials are aimed primarily at young adults, students and older teenagers. Note that additional exhibition or graphic material will be necessary to illustrate the exercises; staff will need to duplicate worksheets and organize slides which are necessary to further enhance the transmission of the message and to create a suitable "environment".



The background materials were researched, compiled and edited by Stephanie Glick, formerly a member of staff at the Pedagogic Center from the vast selection in our library. The activities are the outcome of a personnel seminar, expanded, developed and written by Orna Weiler, lecturer and education specialist, formerly a member of staff at the Pedagogic Center. They were translated from the Hebrew by Stephanie Nakache and reedited for this series on Internet by Gila Ansell Brauner.




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