Background, Stories, Activities

  1. Citron, Samuel J. Dramatics the Year Round. New York: United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1956.
    Jewish content plays for holidays and other occasions with a section on how to produce plays.
  2. Hareuveni, Nogah. Nature in Our Biblical Heritage. Kiryat Ono: Neot Kedumim, 1980.
    This book deals with the way the land of Israel is reflected in the rabbinical sources and in the holiday observances. A very interesting additional point of view on the holidays.
  3. Kitov, Eliyahu. The Book of Our Heritage: The Jewish Year and Its Days of Significance. Jerusalem-New York: Feldheim, 1973.
    A description of orthodox observances and customs grouped according to holidays. This book also includes background material on the reasons and themes of the holidays. Translated from the Hebrew, but without Hebrew terminology.
  4. Scharfstein, Sol. Understanding Jewish Holidays and Customs: Historical and Contemporary. Hoboken: Ktav, 1999.
    This book, geared for children, treats the development of the holidays through the ages. The book is traditional and does not address differences in observances.
  5. Schauss, Hayyim. The Jewish Festivals: History and Observance. New York: Schocken Books, 1938.
    This book descries the development of the holidays with a special emphasis on eastern European observances.
  6. Stern, Shirley. Exploring the Jewish Holidays and Customs. Ktav, 1981.
    A non-denominational textbook dealing with the Jewish year and lifecycle events. The book includes basic blessings with translation, Hebrew words and phrases transliterated and translated, with an explanation of holiday themes.
  7. Telushkin, Joseph. Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know about the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History. New York: William Morrow and Co., 1991.
    This book deals with basic concepts and events in Jewish life, sources and history in a topical arrangement and includes further reading for each entry and a detailed index. This is an excellent reference work for teachers and older students alike.
  8. Zevin, Shlomo Yosef. A Treasury of Hassidic Tales on the Festivals: A Collection of Inspirational Chassidic Stories Relevant to the Festivals. New York: Mesorah Publications, 1981. Two Volumes.
    This book can be used as a source for stories, mostly short ones, for the holidays. Most of the stories are short and are grouped by holiday.
  9. Zevin, Shlomo Yosef. The Festivals in Halachah: An Analysis of the Development of Festival Law. New York: Mesorah, 1981.
    This book provides an analysis of the holidays and particularly of the Halachah involved. The translator has left a great deal of Hebrew Halachik terminology.
  10. Zwebner, Janet. UH! OH! Jewish Holidays: Hidden Objects You'll (Almost Never Find). Yellow Brick Road Press, 1993.
    Each holiday has a two page spread with a Holiday related illustration which includes several hidden objects. A wonderful activity for children and a good starting point for discussing holiday themes.

Practical Guides

  1. Abramowitz, Yosef I. and Susan Silverman. Jewish Family & Life: Traditions, Holidays and Values for Today's Parents and Children. New York: Golden Books, 1997.
    An excellent inter-denominational guidebook to celebrating Jewish lifecycle events and holidays complete with the ideas behind the celebration, quotes, Q&A and practical ideas. The book also includes a resource list.
  2. Black, Naomi. Celebration: The Book of Jewish Festivals. London: Collins, 1987.
    Each chapter offers an interpretation of the traditions, poems and stories, menus, arts and crafts. Non-denominational and richly illustrated.
  3. Diamant, Anita and Karen Kushner. How to be a Jewish Parent: A Practical Handbook for Family Life. New York: Schocken Books, 2000.
    This book deals with the concepts of creating a Jewish environment and home and celebrating Jewish time. The book includes a variety of suggestions, ideas and strategies for living a Jewish life.
  4. Galili, Zev and Mishal, Miriam. The Israeli Festivals. Jerusalem: The Jewish Agency, 1997.
    This is a bilingual Easy Hebrew-English set that gives a basic introduction and customs for all the holidays and commemorative days in the Jewish and Israeli year. Can also be used by children.
  5. Greenberg, Blu. How to Run a Traditional Jewish Household. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1983.
    This book deals with the orthodox views on lifecycle and holidays. It includes basic blessings and prayers and practical details on celebrations.
  6. Hardon Renberg, Dalia. The Complete Family Guide to Jewish Holidays. New York: Adama Books, 1985.
    This book used a traditional approach while noting reform, conservative and sephardic variations. Each chapter includes information for children, information for adults and information for both. Also included are the basic blessings and songs with notes, as well as recipes and arts and crafts.
  7. Issacs, Ronald H. and Kerry M. Olitzky. Sacred Celebrations: A Jewish Holiday Handbook. Hoboken: Ktav, 1994.
    For each holiday the book includes key themes, the basis for the holiday, the historical and calenderal context and celebration in the synagogue and in the home. Also included are basic blessings and prayers in Hebrew with transliteration and translation. The focus is orthodox.


  1. Haggadah, produced by the former Youth & Hechalutz Department, WZO [no date of publication] 24 pages.
    Collection of procedures with Hebrew, poems and stories in sequence.
  2. A Seder for Tu B'Shevat, by Appelman HW, Shapiro JS, Illustrated by McLean CR, published by Kar-Ben Copies, Inc., Rockville, MD, 28 pages.
    Collection of information, blessings with Hebrew, procedures, interludes to relate.
  3. Tu Bishvat, Rabbi Mehahem Hacohen, Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, (C) Don Publishing House, Tel Aviv.
    Origins, quotations, discussion of all the sources & customs, stamps and images [poor colour reproduction], different trees.
  4. Tu BiShvat, Shur, Yekutiel
  5. Seder Tu B'Shvat Haggadot are available at Neot Kedumim. The English version is an original text, not a translation of the Hebrew.
    Price in Israel - 23 NIS. Outside of Israel the price is $5.50 and includes shipping. Quantity pricing available.
    Order by Visa via
    email or via telephone 972-8-977-0777.




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