Finding My Spark – From Roanoke to Israel

After graduating from a college with fewer than 30 Jewish Students, Shaina Lidd decided to spend a year in Israel. She joined a secular Yeshiva, and started teaching Arab-Israelis in the Bedouin city By
עולים, אב ובנו נוחתים בנתב"ג במסגרת מבצע "כנפי היונה"

Reuniting Families from Ethiopia in Israel

In October, 63 people arrived at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport from Ethiopia to reunite with their families. This is the beginning of an effort to bring remaining relatives of Ethiopian immigrants to By

Embracing Diversity in the Face of Hostility

After learning that Students for Justice in Palestine was going to bring its harsh anti-Israel rhetoric to George Mason University for this fall’s national conference, Jewish Agency Israel Fellow Tal By

Druze and Jews Prepare for the IDF, Together

A Druze success story in Israel, Ibrahim Safi dreamed of connecting the Druze Community with Israeli society as a whole. Now he is operating a pre-military academy where Jews and Druze prepare for the By