Pesach Trivia & Quizzes

JAFI Education Department
Pesach Quiz, interactive (6 questions)

Absolutely For Free Passover Celebrations!

Resources and More links to stuff

Anshe Emes (L.A.)
Chometz hunter (online, interactive)

Elimelech David Ha-Levi Web, Inc.
Large selection of quizzes, puzzles, word games for different levels

Pesach Trivia, interactive

Haggadahs-R-Us (Shalom Hartmann Institute)
Ideas/games to try out at the Seder for young children

500 Years of the Four Children in Haggadot

Nurit Reshef
Pesach quiz, self-grading, interactive

Pesach playroom

Ohr Somayach
Fun stuff for Pesach (different ages, adult)

3 level Pesach quiz online, interactive

Passover Net (Chabad)
Interactive online games

Torah Tots
Pesach wordfinds, jigsaw puzzles, other games

Coloring pages - 3 series



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