The Arts & Community Task Force 

With a focus on developing relationships between people through creative collaboration, experiences, and professional connections, our Arts & Community programs include people from creative and professional disciplines such as; Theater, Performance Art, Music, Dance, Art Therapy, Photography, Design, Architecture, Film, History, Entrepreneurship, Archeology, Anthropology, Business, and more.

The Artist Workshops Exchange Program brings U.S. artists to the Western Galilee and Israeli artists to the U.S. Central Area Consortium communities to make personal connections with community members through a wide range of artistic disciplines. The program encourages contemporary artistic creation and collaboration in hopes to generate new artistic discourse between participants and local residents. It is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and enrichment for communities.

Our Community Visionaries Delegation Program is an opportunity to learn from unique and creative community visionaries who are experts in their fields and share their time through lectures, panel discussions, informal meetings.

he Performing Art Series and Yom Ha’Atzmaut Performances are programs offered to our US communities as a way to connect local audiences with creative Israeli entertainment including dance, violin concerts, theater performances, and more.

We continue to offer artists and professionals in our community’s exhibition opportunities, lecture opportunities and an ongoing chance to develop new initiatives within the task force. If you have an idea that connects your community to the Western Galilee through the Arts & Community themes please contact Noa Epstein, the Arts & Community Coordinator at:

Examples of Arts & Community Programs

Click on the links below to download the flyers and read more.

Western Galilee Visionary Delegation: WGVisionaryDelegation2014-15_Flyer.pdf

Art Workshops in the Western Galilee: P2G_WG_ArtWorkshops_2016_Flyer.pdf

Art Workshops in the U.S.: US_YomHaAtzmaut_2016_Flyer(print).pdf

Holocaust Community Programs & Lectures: RebellionOfHope_P2GProgram_2016_Flyer.pdf  |  P2G_HolocaustLectures_Flyer_1.28.2016.pdf

      Our Partners in the Western Galilee

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