Education Task Force

We run a wide variety of programs that connect people in the Western Galilee and the U.S. Central Area Consortium communities in formal and informal educational settings. From preschool through high school, teachers, children, teens, students and families can connect both virtually and in person through the many P2G educational opportunities. 

Our mission is to promote mutually beneficial and enriching educational programming among the people of the Central Area Consortium, the Western Galilee and Budapest. We forge relationships through programs and missions that build Jewish identity and strengthen the bonds to Israel and global Jewry. For more details on our task force mission statement and members of the task force from both sides of the ocean, read our mission statement document here: Education Task Force Mission statement.docx

School Twinning Network

Our Education Task Force coordinates more than 30 vivid educational relationships between schools in the western Galilee and our consortium, watch this example of a School Twinning meeting.

Take a look at the latest Twinning flyer: P2G_SchoolTwinning_Flyer_2017.pdf

And read this example of our twinning curriculum for 2014-2015: Curriculum.docx


Youth Programs


Partnership2Gether creates meaningful relationships between teens from both sides of the ocean. Once a year there is a teen mission from Israel to the communities or vice versa, to strengthen and build upon the connection with face-to-face meetings. The teens learn about each other, volunteer in Tikun Olam projects and take part in events or other programs happening during the time of their visit. In the coming 2016-2017 year, Israeli teens will visit up to three partnership communities.

Leadership Project

Partnership2Gether Western Galilee, for the first time, will operate a youth leadership project in cooperation with the community centers of Akko and Matter Asher. During the year the participants will get involved in communal projects and develop their community leadership skills. The Israeli group will meet through video calls with similar groups from our partnership communities.




Annual delegation of educators between Israel and the communities. The Israeli teachers visit up to three communities in one year, and the American and Hungarian teachers visit Israel during the fpllowing year. The teachers get to know the community, it's cultures, learn about the school systems, educational best practices and challenges, and also to contribute to the visting community.

Teacher Training

New joint initiative of Partnership2Gether Western Galilee and the Ministry of Education provide Israeli and non-Israeli teachers access to a unique teachers' training course. The course, mutually developed by the Partnership and the Ministry's branch in Akko, aims at developing teachers to skillfully teach about Israel and Judaism to students. The teachers learn how to use digital and online tools and to create their own educational games, in what is called 'gamification.'


Early Childhood: Hava Nagila Gan

Hava Nagila Gan is a program developed to reinforce the Partnership with Israel mission of ongoing, mutually beneficial programs between the U.S. Central Area Consortium and the Western Galilee. We accomplish this is by sharing early childhood education ideas and resources to empower our youngest generations through education and Jewish identity curriculum, and by fostering strong relationships between the educators who participate in our program. Visit the Hava Nagila Gan Website to learn more.

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