Medical Task Force

The Medical Task Force creates opportunities for medical personnel from the Consortium communities and the Western Galilee to connect on a professional level, gives the Galilee Medical Center international exposure and gives learning and sharing opportunities to doctors on both sides.

  • Medical Externship at the Galilee Medical Center allows medical students the opportunity for a one month rotation at the hospital and to learn about Israel and its high medical standards. Read more about the Medical Externship here: MedicalExternship_FlyerA4_2016_2.3.2016.pdf
  • MED2GETHER: Medical Professional Exchange Program A chance to broaden your professional perspective while working and socializing with colleagues. Read more about the Med2Gether program here: Med2Gether_FlyerA4_2016_2.3.2016.pdf

Additional Information about the Medical Task Force and the Galilee Medical Center:

If you have an idea that connects your community to the Galilee Medical Center please contact Sharon Mann at



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