Partnership2GETHER Performer Charms Audiences

They drummed. They danced. They clapped. They laughed. They made silly noises. They acted like gorillas, lions and snakes. They chanted “dum dum dum.”

By Mary Sue Grossman, Program Coordinator, Center for Jewish Life, Omaha, NE
They drummed.  They danced.  They clapped.  They laughed.  They made silly noises.  They acted like gorillas, lions and snakes.  They chanted “dum dum dum.”  Presenting totally engaging performances, David “Dudu” Cohen delighted a number of groups during his recent visit to Omaha, May 11-13.  David, a producer and performer of musical theater performance who also teaches rhythmic lessons, world music, drama and music therapy in medical, rehabilitative and educational organizations, visited Omaha through Partnership2GETHER.
David’s first performance - which was unfortunately cut a bit short due to the stormy weather - featured a drum circle, giving attendees the opportunity to be an integral part of the show.  From toddler through adult, rhymes filled the room.  The next morning, “Dudu” was at Friedel Jewish Academy getting students and teachers alike up and moving during a lively 45-minute performance.  In the afternoon, first and second grade students at Crestridge Magnet Center filled their gym with action and laughter as Dudu shared his talents.  Crestridge is the newest addition to the Partnership “school twinning” program.
Monday evening featured a joint Partnership/PJ Library event, beginning with a family pasta dinner followed a fun-filled show as Dudu continued to spread his magic. Tippi Denenberg was thrilled with the evening, saying it was a perfect activity, filled with energy for young families.
Dudu’s final stop on his “Omaha tour” was in the Pennie Z. Davis Child Development Center on Tuesday morning, filling the CDC with music and excitement.  “This was the best program we have ever had,” said Carole Greenberg, CDC Associate Director.  Charlotte Neubauer, CDC Administrative Assistant agreed saying “All the kids had such a great time today. Thank you so much for sharing him with us.”
Two local businesses were instrumental to the success of Dudu’s visit. Deitz Music and McFoster’s Natural Kind Café provided the drums, at no cost, used throughout Dudu’s visit. Many thanks to James at Deitz and Chris at McFoster’s for helping out.
Partnership2Gether is a program of the Center for Jewish Life promoting people-to-people relationships between Israel and communities throughout the world. Omaha is one of 12 cities in the U.S. partnering with the city of Akko and the Matte Asher region in northern Israel, sharing cultural, social, medical, educational and economic programs.
PJ Library is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with philanthropists and local Jewish organizations. The program offers free, high quality Jewish books and music each month to more than 100,000 children in over 175 different communities.  All families raising Jewish children from age six months through eight years are welcome to participate.  If you are not enrolled, this will be a great opportunity to do so - and to have some fun at the same time.
Local funding for the PJ Library program is provided by the Dorothy and Myer S. Kripke Institute for Jewish Family Literacy.  Funding for the Monday evening event is provided by the Special Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation and the Esther K. Newman/Carolyn Kully Newman Memorial Funds.
Partnership2GETHER and PJ Library are coordinated through the Center for Jewish Life whose mission it is to maximize involvement of Omaha’s Jewish community in imaginative, compelling and meaningful Jewish experiences.  For additional information, please call (402) 334-6445 



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