May-June Report from the Western Galilee

Two very busy months for our Partnership2Gether group. Please read our May-June 2014 Report:
Here is a taste of the delegations that were hosted in the Western Galilee region in the last two months:
  • May 8: 35 students from Hasten Academy in Indianapolis visited Rambam school in Akko a long year tradition for the two schools.
  • May 8: 16 AIR Participants from Des Moines, Indianapolis, Dayton, Austin and Toledo participated in the Artist in Residence program in the Western Galilee, together with local artists from the region.
  • May 18: Klein from San Antonio and Reviere from Indianapolis
  • May 25: 100 IU students, Birthright
  • June 16: North West Indiana
  • June 12: 16 Youth & Families from Des Moines
  • June 15: Fox family from Indianapolis
  • June 18-19: Pre-Steering Committee visits
  • June 18: Rabbi Shoshana congregation from Temple Israel of Valparaiso, Indiana
  • June 11-18: A kindergarten teacher from Austin
  • June 18: GLBTQ from Austin in the Western Galilee
  • June 19: Congregation from Louisville
  • June 19: Fingold Family from Omaha
  • June 22: Krott Family from Indianapolis
  • June 25: Austin Birthright
  • June 25: July 2nd Post Steering Committee visits
For a Grand Total of 330 community members from 10 communities!
Two weeks ago the Western Galilee hosted the Joint Steering Committee, with 25 Participants from 9 of our overseas partnered communities Dayton, Des Moines, Indianapolis, South Bend, Omaha, Austin, Dallas, Toledo, Louisville and Budapest, and more then a hundred participants from Akko and Matte Asher, took part in the meetings, events and different activities during the 3 days of the Steering Committee;
The committee met with the different task forces of the partnership, to discuss next year's work plan. We met with the representatives from the local municipalities: Yoram Israeli, the new Matte Asher mayor and Ohad Segev, the Akko Executive Director, to hear the new initiatives in the region. We met with representatives from Youth Futures' and from the Western Galilee College to hear about their activities and their influence on the young generation in the region. We discussed the identity of the new Damon Rose Partnership Center that will be built in Akko, saw the intended building and planted trees in the Partnership Garden, in memory of the former Education Chair and devoted volunteer in our Partnership Martha Lottman who passed away this year. 
We also celebrated the Partnership with our many volunteers.
In June, Zoe Riekes, the Partnership Co-Chair together with Judy Yuda and Bracha Zuriel, met with Yoram Israeli, the new Matte Asher mayor and with Shimon Lankry, Akko mayor, to discuss the relationships between the Partnership and the municipalities. Last week Harold Gernsbacher, from Dallas, Texas, the Global Chair of the Partnership2Gether came to visit the Western Galilee, and met with Dave Ravitch, the incoming American Chair of our Partnership, Michelle Korin, the Marketing & Communication Task Force Chair and with Debby Grant, the Indianapolis Federation Executive Vice President. Harold also met with David Laron, the former Chair of our Partnership and with the two mayors - Yoram Israeli, and Shimon Lankry, to discuss the new Damon Rose Partnership Center. Harold had dinner with the Israeli Fund Raising Task force, met with the Partnership staff and visited local small businesses in the area.
In May our consortium communities hosted a number of delegations from the Western Galilee:
  • 10 students from Sulam Tzor High school together with Miri Johnson, the Israeli Education coordinator, visited in Toledo, Youngstown, Omaha and Des Moines for Yom HaShoa, Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut.
  • The Hatikva delegation made of five military officers, visited in Canton, Dayton and Louisville for the memorial day of the Holocaust.
  • The Dayan Singing Family from Akko celebrated independence day together with Canton, Youngstown, NW Indiana and Austin communities.
  • Advocacy2Gether Seminar with American, Israeli and Hungarian participants took place in Indianapolis.
  • Dudu Cohen a drummer from the WG visited Des Moines and Omaha.
If you know of individuals/groups coming to the Western Galilee please contact Heidi, at If your community has interesting updates, please share with us at We wish you all a great week from Western Galilee | Central Area Consortium Partnership2Gether Staff



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