PARTNERSHIP2GESHER (Bridge) - Building Stronger Bridges for Our Educators

The Western Galilee Teacher’s Seminar - PARTNERSHIP2GESHER (Bridge)
June 8 - 13, 2015 (not including travel time)
Building Stronger Bridges for Our Educators
The PARTNERSHIP2GESHER Educational Seminar is your opportunity, as an educator, to learn, experience, and observe the Israeli educational system and explore the potential for an enriching and beneficial twinning relationship for you and your students. Joining Israeli educators and volunteers, we promise you a unique educational and deeply satisfying personal experience.
The Western Galilee is well known for its microcosm of Israeli society; not only because of the diverse cultures and people, but also for its juxtaposition between the past and future. The fascinating history and rich cultural heritage of the region provide pathways to create new, innovative educational initiatives. Join us as we walk together as Jews and educators on the gesher (bridge) of the past and future, on the gesher between various cultures and populations. Your contribution will help us build a stronger gesher between Israel and the U.S. by creating new connections and strengthening existing ones.
The participant provides:
  • Roundtrip flight costs, health insurance, private local transportation, and any additional private meals or activities
  • Limited spaces available: *Application due by March 1, 2015


  • Lodging and transportation
  • Breakfast, lunch and home hospitality dinners
  • Scheduled local trips in the Western Galilee
FOR MORE INFORMATION - see our information flyer here:  Teacher'sSeminar2015_Flyer.pdf
*Contact Eliad Eliyahu, Education Coordinator,




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