Kindergartens in Akko and Julis - Establishing Friendships

A report from Efrat Srebro

The Druze community of Julis serves in the IDF and are very loyal to the state of Israel. Margalit, a teacher from the Yasmin kindergarten of Akko, felt that it was important to establish relationship between her class and the kindergarten in Julis. The children of Julis visited Akko 2 months ago and last week, the children from Akko went to visit Julis. Ethan, a mosaic artist from Akko volunteered to build a mosaic wall with the children in Julis. Michelle Korin from Indianapolis also joined the visit and participated in planting a tree together with the local children and also helped with the mosaic. See Efrat's presentation here:  גוליס1 (NXPowerLite).pps




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12 Feb 2015 / 23 Shevat 5775 0