By Efrat Srebro

The Druze partnership with Israel and their contribution to the Israeli society was very clear during Protective edge operation. It was also very clear that we are connecting with this ethnic group only when their young one joins the IDF.

When the Druze commander of Golany was wounded, I felt that something needed to be done. I called Dr. Janan Falach who is one of the Druze community leaders and I asked her to find a Druze kindergarten teacher in one of the villages close to Akko who will agree to have a twinning project with a Jewish kindergarten in Akko.

This was the beginning of a wonderful friendship and twinning between “Shalom” kindergarten in Julis and “Yasmin” kindergarten in Akko.

The Druze children from Julis visited the kindergarten in Akko, got a tour in the old city of Akko and were also hosted by the local  early childhood musical center.

The Jewish children from Akko visited the kindergarten in Julis, learnt about herbs medicines that goes from generation to generation in the village, toured the village and planted together with the local kids trees in the peace garden.

We also had special activity for the mothers of the two classes who met together, learnt about each other and also took part in a special baking workshop.

The highlight of the project was creating together a Mosaic wall in Julis . This project was led by the volunteering artist Eitan G. Hurvitz and was made from recycled tiles.

Documentation from this great project was sent to our Partnership early childhood teachers in the USA who liked it very much.

We found out that the Druze community is hardly known among the Jewish communities in the state.

We understood that it is very important to emphasize that there is a non Jewish minority in Israel who chooses to be part of the society and really contribute what ever they can to the state of Israel.

On June 11th we will unveil the mosaic wall with the presence of many guests, including 15 American educators who take part in a special educational seminar in the Western Galilee Partnership. We are very proud of this project and we are looking forwards to adding more twinning classes next year.




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05 Jun 2015 / 18 Sivan 5775 0