Everyone piled on Etyan's bed--Shabbat May 16-which then led to singing :)

The Power of Art, Collaboration, & Dialogue

May 2015 Artist Workshops/Artist In Residency Program Participants Share Thoughts

Being chosen to participate as an artist in residence at the Partnership 2Gether project was the experience of a lifetime! Spending time in the company of a dozen hugely talented people not only reenergized my own creative goals but also provided a chance to form connections that will bond new friendships. Not only was I filled with great food and honest caring, but also was shown how people genuinely want to connect, to heal, and to love - no matter where they live and work. Tikkun olam can be thought of like the mosaics we made with the children - each piece of tile might be insignificant, but it's vital in order to finish the whole.


Jan Ayers Friedman, Fort Worth, TX



We have both been swallowed up by our work that was waiting for us as soon as we got back. We of course wish we were still in the lovely Western Galilee. 

I’ve attached a photo of Eytan and I that I liked very much. We had only just met and were already exchanging ideas. I valued the opportunity to share and learn from the other glass artists Jan, Eytan, and Batya. They all took the time to explain and help me to understand different glass techniques that I was hoping to learn about. I look forward to including some of these options in my work as I move forward.

Warm regards and thank you again for this incredible experience.

Rebecca, Des Moines, IA



There is truly nothing like this experience in terms of a direct authentic connection with the people of the Western Galilee not as a tourist, but as a creative. The Partnership program designed a customized tour of the region with respect to an artist’s POV. I didn’t feel like a foreigner, but rather like I was meeting family on Shabbat or interviewing a subject in their home.  I left knowing I have friends in Israel and that I could stay with any one of them and be welcomed back with open arms. In addition, there is an assumption that I will be back—building on these relationships “Next time we’ll go to the beach” or “Next time you’ll come to my home for Shabbat.” Also, connecting the dots of people that I’ve met in Austin and then meeting them at their home in Akko i.e  Albert or  Moshe & Shuli Dayan really imprinted this connection in my heart.

Wendy Corn, Austin, TX


Every time I have traveled to a foreign country I have asked myself, “apart from this touristy stuff, I wonder what the people of this country are really like? I’d love to sit down and talk with them.” Partnership2GETHER provides just such an opportunity. I felt so welcomed when I was met at the airport by Batya and that feeling continued on and on with everyone else I met from the Partnership and those providing home hospitality. And this particular AIR project afforded an even greater opportunity by allowing me to interview people from the community and hear their stories. And as a first-timer to the country, I was also thankful that the project included touring of some of the highlights of the Western Galilee region. That was a true bonus. I'd like to sign up for a second tour of duty!

Mark, Omaha, NE



Dear friends,

We American artists were treated to an amazing time with old and new friends during the AIR Workshop last week. The experiences we had were unique…ones that changed how we see our world. I will never ever forget the wonderful people we had the privilege to meet. It's not possible to even begin to understand how much work this required. Noa and Batya -I don't know how you managed to get through all the complexities of the week, and Yochanan-how you were able to accomplish the incredibly difficult task of arranging all the interviews. The itinerary that formed our stay was beautifully balanced. What I do know is that the amazing people in Partnership made this possible. What Partnership does is to provide the opportunity to bond and to learn more about each other. 

Partnership touches and changes the lives of everyone who becomes involved.

Partnership enriches our world with so much meaning and warmth.

Thank you all so much for a truly extraordinary experience.


Freddie Kelvin, Indianapolis, IN



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