The Peoples of the Western Galilee project is a portfolio of photographs with associated text that illustrates the diversity of peoples who live in the Western Galilee region of Israel.  Counter to what many Americans hear through their media, this region in the north-west of Israel is relatively peaceful as a number of different ethnic groups, including Bahai's, Christians, Druze, Jews and Moslems, cooperate and live within this small space of land.  The goal of this project is to tell the stories of some of these people, important stories that extend the very limited narrative put forth by the media that most people outside of Israel do not have access to.  Under the direction of Dena Eber (USA), Freddie Kelvin (USA) and Yochanan Kishon (Israel), a number of American, Hungarian and Israeli photographers set out to interview and photograph some of the rich and wonderful people of the region.  This January, the artists will present a subset of the portfolio in Fort Worth to coincide with the P2G steering committee meeting.  This will be followed by a comprehensive exhibition of the entire portfolio at the Okashi museum in Akko in July of 2016.






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31 Dec 2015 / 19 Tevet 5776 0