Another Win-Win Program created by the Partnership: 50 hour course on the "Art of Philanthropy" for organizations in the Western Galilee

The Partnership initiated and sponsored an accredited 50 hour course on the Art of Philanthropy for organizations in the Western Galilee which was given by the Western Galilee College. The course was the product of a grass roots initiative of local organizations to improve their fund raising skills and capacity.  More than 40 people registered and attended  the course.  The Consortium communities were excited to be part of the upgrading of the non-profit capacity in the region as many of their donors and foundations support these organizations.

The class was a diverse group that included representatives from local municipalities and other Partnerships, business people, and staff of local NGO's. In addition, there was full attendance of the Partnership office staff and the Partnership Resource Development task force chair.

Liora Asa, lecturer from Haifa University, facilitated the course in which she enthusiastically taught the how-tos of fund raising in Israel and abroad. In addition, guest speakers, friends of the Partnership, from the region’s businesses and organizations gave their insights into the elements of successful fund raising. The most important things for the participants were the opportunities of these exposures, practical exercises and the connections among the participants.  The practical exercises allowed the participants to try their newly acquired skills and receive peer review.

The connections that were immediately created were many: The House of Wheels and the Akko Social Services got together for a joint activity, the Pre IDF Mechinat Avner from Akko students are now volunteering twice a week in the House of Wheels, and Karen Donner Asher, a teacher from Meitar school in Bustan Hagalil created a twinning connection with a school in Fort Worth through the Partnership. She will be a part of an Educators’ delegation to the communities in the near future. As Karen said: "The course opened a new world to me in a detailed way and on a high professional level."

Dorit Zini, a volunteer in the Hadera-Eiron Partnership, was offered a new position as a Fundraiser at the Technoda in Givat Olga because of this course.

"I came to the course without any prior experience.  I learned that the fundraising world is all about networking. It has its own language and professional terms, and is filled with new and challenging content. A whole new world opened before me and gave me a new professional opportunity as well as I take my newly acquired knowledge to the real world.” 

Another Win-Win created by the Partnership:   Added value to organizations in the region, to the Partnership staff, to the Communities’ donors and to the Partnership itself in having created a larger network of non- profits from around the north.  




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25 Feb 2016 / 16 Adar 5776 0