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March 2016            www.westerngalilee.org.il

Shalom from the Chairmen


We had an amazing Steering Committee Meeting in Fort Worth, TX, the end of January. An immense THANK YOU to Bob Goldberg, his staff and the many volunteers that made the visit such a great success. Additionally, a big Texas style "THANK YOU," to Harold Gernsbacher for hosting all of us at the Rodeo, a memorable experience! A warm "TODA RABA," to Judy Yuda, our Director and our office staff for all the work, many hours put into preparing all reports and printed materials for our meeting. Kol Ha'Kavod!


In Fort Worth, we heard presentations on our plans for 2016/2017 and approved our budget, which begins July 1, 2016. With the guidance of the marvelously talented, Noga Oz, from the Jewish Agency offices in Jerusalem, we began our strategic planning process. This process is ongoing. We will have the opportunity to work together again "face to face," this summer in Toledo, July 17-19, 2016.


In Toledo, we will be working in and focusing on our Task Forces. If you are not part of one, please consider joining one and help make Partnership more meaningful in your life and your community. If you are interested, contact your Federation or me at, dravich@ravitron.com.


There are so many speakers and programs coming to the U.S. from Israel in the next several months. For the most current schedule of Partnership events in your community, contact your Federation to see how you can help host and be involved. It's one of the most rewarding experiences to stay connected with Israel and share it in your communities.


Follow us on Twitter and "like" our Facebook page to engage with 1,800 people in Budapest, U.S and Israel, to be a part of our "Partnership," conversation and follow what we're up to.


In a few weeks, many of us will gather in Israel to celebrate 20 years of Partnership, honoring an organization we love, which continues to grow. Zoe, Jan and Heidi have worked so hard to make this mission a success and make us feel at home...Thank you!


May you all have a joyful Purim and a wonderful Pesach!

L'Shana Habaah,

Dave and Michael

Timely Items
Thanks to our connections with the Akko Music Conservatory, we have an opportunity to engage one of Israel's most distinguished musicians in this program, Professor Michael Wolpe from the Hebrew University Music Academy.  Prof. Wolpe, who will lead the delegation, will come with four young talented violinists from Akko and Matte Asher.  Prof. Wolpe himself is a musician, composer and conductor. They will travel to Des Moines, North West Indiana and Budapest and will perform violin pieces with a Jewish Theme. For a short preview please click on the link: https://www.facebook.com/p2gwgalil/posts/1689806357926187?notif_t=like 

Fort Worth Steering Committee
Our Partnership’s steering committee met up in Ft. Worth, Texas for a very productive three days in mid-January 2016.  The Ft. Worth Jewish Federation under the guidance of Bob Goldberg made us feel very welcomed, and we all learned why it is such a great community.   While we spent our long days in working sessions learning and planning and reviewing the budget, we were later treated to scrumptious Tex-Mex meal,  beautiful Tu B’Shevat seder and dinner, Kosher barbecue, and lastly a rodeo.  We were all given western shirts to wear to the rodeo, and some of our group even wore cowboy boots and hats!
As a newbie to the consortium work (since April 2015), I just want to share what a wonderful group this is, from our directors to the many volunteers representing our thirteen consortium communities.   It is such a great feeling to share a few days with people who are all so passionate about Israel, especially our beloved Western Galilee.  I consider being a part of this group a privilege, and I highly recommend that others join us!

(Judy Katz is representing the Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana)

Local Missions
As we are celebrating 20 years to Partnerships, we will be welcoming many of you to our region. We look forward to celebrate with you New Orleans style, and to tour the area.
If you will not be able to join the celebration, you might want to click on this link, watch our latest video alip and learn more about the Partnership and about the connections we make, the new relationships we build and friendships we form.

Task Force Updates


Partnership Builds Capacity for
Non- profits in the Region

The Partnership initiated and sponsored an accredited 50 hour course on the Art of Philanthropy for organizations in the Western Galilee which was given by the Western Galilee College. READ MORE>>

San Antonio is excited to welcome eleven teachers from the Western Galilee Partnership Region on April 13-17.  READ MORE>>


Rebellion of Hope Exhibit
A few days of fascinating and overwhelming presentations, conversations, activities and events around the "Rebellion of Hope" exhibit that was brought to us from our partnership region in Israel and led by Ari Levy and Amit Briness. Some of our guests were from IUPUI, Ivy Tech, Hasten Hebrew Academy and the federation.


The Jewish violin delegation will travel through the communities. A very moving concert and talk will be given in Akko, Budapest, North West Indiana and Des Moines. For a little preview, check out our Facebook page.

A connection is being built between the Young Adult Forum in the Western Galilee and the Young adults of Budapest.

Dr. Eisenman and Aya Kipershlak from the Galilee Medical Center will visit Budapest in May in order to get to know the Jewish Medical community of the city and be able to offer them our medical programs.


Reflections on the Galilee Medical Center's (GMC) longstanding participation in P2G and the Tree of Life Mosaic that adorns the lobby of the Women's Health Wing. READ MORE>>


As part of the Tikun Olam program, the Partnership incorporates all of the Over and Above donations and supports many non-profit organizations in the region.  

Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and  youth with and without special needs. There are currently 47 branches in Israel with 9 in the north.  A new branch was opened in Akko, with the presence of Mayor Shimon Lankri, Nir Bronstein, chair of Krembo Wings, and Yoram Poskalinsky director of the Akko community center. In a very moving ceremony,  new members of the youth group received their "wings".

(in the picture Akko mayor Shimon Lankry and Krembo Wings Chair Nir Bronstein giving wings to new members).

Friends of the Partnership

A full house at this special fund raising event sponsored by the Friends of the Partnership and hosted by the Western Galilee College. Nadav Eyal screened his film and brought us all to new thoughts on anti-Semitism, racism, and hatred. We are so proud to have raised more than $4000 that will go towards supporting lone soldiers in the Western Galilee by purchasing equipment.

To Be Continued








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