Since the dream of a modern State of Israel has become a reality, the longing of today’s Jews living overseas and Israelis is for a strong, secure and peaceful nation.  Even as we in Israel are challenged by complex internal politics, growing religious extremism, economic challenges and social inequities, North American Jews struggle to keep Israel relevant to Jewish identity.
Together, we are “Am Yisrael.” We share a common history, heritage and destiny. But this is not enough.
Through our partnership we are facilitating Jewish peoplehood as a framework for our global dialogue about our collective Jewish experience and identity. Our programs create opportunities to explore and experience a more connected and positive sense of Jewishness. The special and long-lasting friendships that have been forged over the years through the Yoav–Lehigh Valley Partnership2Gether provide members of both communities with a feeling that we are in fact one extended family. 
P2G programs are driven by volunteer leadership (committees) in both partnership regions dedicated to developing initiatives in strengthening Jewish education, identity and community. By enlarge, P2G programs are implemented by professionals in the respective communities (Yoav regional council, Jewish Federation and JCC).
Programs include:  an annual delegation of Yoav teen leaders to the Lehigh Valley summer camp, adult delegations to Israel and the Lehigh Valley, professional exchanges Jewish Renewal, B’nai Mitzvah & and more.  
On behalf of our Partnership 2Gether steering committee, I would like to invite you and the Lehigh Valley family to visit with us “next year in Yoav”! 
In friendship and partnership,
Cynthia Wroclawski
Partnership 2Gether Chair
Yoav – Lehigh Valley            




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31 Jul 2014 / 4 Av 5774 0