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1. THE WILL===========[INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE]                        YOU ARE ASKED TO ATTEND THE                            READING OF THE WILL                                of the late                              MORRIS GOLDBERG                           which will take place                  at _______________________________________                  on _______________________________________BECAUSE of a strange request which appears in this will; andBECAUSE implementation of this Bequest is only possible with        the earnest assistance and considered judgement of a        select group of citizens, including yourself,                The Community's Leading Solicitor                will read the will in the presence                               of                THE THREE SONS of the deceased.2. FIRST SOLICITOR'S STATEMENT==============================I have an unusual document in my hand. It is the last will andtestament of the late Morris Goldberg, a leading Jew of our communitywho died only a week ago. I am his solicitor and it is my duty, in thepresence of his three sons, to read you his will.                      LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT                        OF MORRIS GOLDBERGThis will is made by Morris Goldberg of ____________________________                                                           (address)I wish that my entire estate be given to whoever of my sons be deemedto be the best Jew. To this end, my solicitor shall select a committeeof representative Jews to make this determination. If this committeedecides that none of my sons is worthy to be called a good Jew, or ifthe committee cannot agree on a selection, my estate is to be dividedequally among several Jewish charities which are named in another page(which will be brought to light, should the need arise, by mysolicitor).                                ***You, ladies and gentlemen, have been selected as the committee to makethe required decision. I hope that you will pay close attention as thebasic facts are presented to you about the three sons --- Henry,David, and Joseph Goldberg.3. THE THREE SONS (DAUGHTERS)=============================      H E N R Y     G O L D B E R G      -----------------------------      Henry Goldberg, the oldest son, is also the wealthiest. He owns      and operates several large businesses including a large real      estate company. He is married and has three children. Henry is      an observant Jew. He is a member of the Synagogue and for a      decade has been its most generous single contributor, as well as      a contributor to other Jewish and Zionist causes.      Henry Goldberg always attends Shabbat services even when he is      traveling in other parts of the country on business. In      addition, Shabbat and Jewish holidays are observed in his home.      All of his children received some Jewish education. Apart from      faithful attendance every Shabbat, Henry does not participate      personally in other activities of the Synagogue or in the work      of other organizations legal services to persons who cannot      afford a lawyer [of particular interest to him]. When asked to      serve on committees of the synagogue or other groups, he      replies, "I'm sorry, my business and Legal Aid work take all my      time. You know that I give generously to all worthy causes in      the community. That's all I can do."      Henry recently became a most controversial figure. The Urban      Development Council, devoted to improving housing for all income      groups, publicly announced that a highly-priced housing estate      built by Mr. Goldberg, "The Glades," is racially segregated and      minorities are discouraged from even looking at the houses.      Henry issued the following statement in response:                I do not condone racial segregation.                Nevertheless, I am a builder of private homes and                I have a responsibility to the people who have                bought my houses and to the community not to disturb                the social patterns in which they choose to live.     P R O F.   D A V I D   G O  L D B E R G     ---------------------------------------     Prof. David Goldberg, the second son, is an atheist. An     intellectual and a scholar, David teaches Philosophy at the     university. He has contempt for his older brother's views which     he terms "blind religious conformity."     When Dave was a young boy approaching Bar Mitzvah, his best     friend was struck by a hit and run driver. Dave prayed for his     friend to recover. After lingering in a coma for a few days, the     boy died. Dave decided that there is no God and refused to go     through with his Bar Mitzvah. Since that day, Dave has had no     interest in religion. He will not belong to a synagogue and does     not give a religious education to his children. His wife shares     his views on these matters. Despite his attitude towards Jewish     religious life, Dave has always been involved in secular Jewish     groups, especially those having to do with the saving of     perscuted Jews abroad.     Dave was deeply stirred by learning about Hitler's assault on     European Jewry, and has always been an avid supporter of the     Jewish homeland. In 1973, with the outbreak of the Yom Kippur     War, Dave consulted with his wife and then went to Israel as a     volunteer on a kibbutz, to replace men absent in the army. He was     injured in the left leg as a result of a tractor accident and     returned home slightly, but permanently, disabled. His teaching     hours were reduced at his doctor's insistence. His older brother,     Henry, went out of his way to help Dave with the heavy cost of     medical treatment.     In gratitude to Henry, Dave refused to "turn his back" on his     brother when the "Glades" affair was made public. To the extent     that his injury allows, he is also politically active in the     civic life of the general community, and is a member of the local     Race Relations Council.     J O S E P H    G O L D B E R G     ------------------------------     Joe Goldberg, the youngest son, married a non-Jewish woman. She     converted to Judaism and has become an active member of the     reform synagogue and its Ladies' Guild. Joe, although a member of     the synagogue, is not active and does not attend services     regularly. He explains that he is still trying to clarify his own     religious views and his conceptions of God, Judaism, and Zionism.     Joe is serious-minded and has read the Bible in its entirety five     times and reads voraciously in Jewish literature. He has had     running arguments for ten years with his older brother, Henry,     who always says: "Dave I can understand. He doesn't believe. At     least he knows where he stands. But, you just never grew up.     You're confused and you'll always be confused."     Joe is active in civic and political life within the general     community. He is a leading member of the local education     committee. When the Urban Development Council attacked the     "Glades," Joe wrote a letter to his older brother, saying: "While     I am still uncertain as to just what I believe in terms of ritual     and theology, I believe that if my being Jewish means anything at     all, it means doing the right thing. I am therefore resigning     from all association with the "Glades" development.     Henry has not spoken to Joe since this incident occurred. Joe and     his wife have had a series of arguments as a result of this     because she disapproved of his resignation. "You like to be a     hero," she said, "but if you're such a social reformer, why did     you wait until the Development Council had a go at Henry? You     knew all the time that minorities couldn't live there, didn't     you? When did Henry's money get dirty to you? Besides, if you're     such a man of convictions, how is it we live in a nice white area     ourselves?"4. SECOND SOLICITOR'S STATEMENT===============================This is a Claim in respect of Joseph and Solomon Goldberg in appealagainst the judgement of the Lower Court of Probate of _______ 1995,which divided the estate of the late Morris Goldberg equally betweentwo of the surviving sons, Henry Goldberg and David Goldberg. The pleaof appeal is entered by Joseph Goldberg and Solomon Goldberg.I bring for your inspection Document #1, the will of the late MorrisGoldberg. The appeal is on the grounds of equality of opportunity: allfour sons are equally Jewish and no discrimination shall be practicedon grounds of religion, race or sex.

Editors, Menachem Persoff, Zehava Albert, "Sukkot", Youth & Hechalutz Dept., WZO (Joint Authority for Jewish Zionist Education), Jerusalem. Revised Edition.



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