Elizabeth Reato from Mira, Italy made aliyah to Ulpan Etzion, Jerusalem  and found a job at WazePam Davidson

“I finished Ulpan Etzion in December, and in January, I started working at Waze. I was really lucky”

"In Italy the economy is static, and it was impossible for me to upgrade my life. This dimension of impossibility made me crazy. I decided to make a change and move to Israel because I am young, I have a Master's degree, and I have experience.

I arrived at Ulpan Etzion without a clear idea of where I wanted to work—but I knew that with my experience and because there aren't many Italians here, I would have a chance of finding a good job. I signed up for The Jewish Agency's Aliyah Jobs newsletter, which collects available jobs and sends jobs listed by language to olim twice a week.

That's how I found the job at Waze (which was then only a start-up) straight after finishing ulpan - it was really weird!"

Elizabeth Reato from Mira, Italy / Young Aliyah - Ulpan Etzion, Jerusalem


Why did you choose Ulpan Etzion?

It was important to me to strengthen my Hebrew reading and writing.

What did you enjoy most about Ulpan Etzion?

Socially, it was interesting—to live with people from so many countries. Also, it was a soft landing—everything was taken care of for me. I attended Hebrew classes in the mornings, and used the afternoons to explore Jerusalem.

How has your absorption been?

I can measure my klita through language: In the beginning, you speak like a book. Then you notice you are using slang like achla and sababa. What's Israel like? It's achla!

"Israel is the Future"

"Working at Waze is a completely different dimension of what a job can be in Italy. The technology is more advanced and the mentality here is more pragmatic: "We want to do it, so let's do it." It is really invigorating to encounter this new dimension. Working in high-tech has been a great experience--stuff here happens really quickly, and changes really quickly. It continues to be stimulating for me, and for my job experience."

Elizabeth RiatoElizabeth Riato