Garin Tzabar: Instant Family for IDF Recruits

Aliyah Garin TzabarThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©, Dave Bender

Joining the IDF? Garin Tzabar combines kibbutz living with preparation for military service in Israel.

Starting before Aliyah, young Jews who have chosen to move to Israel and serve in the Israel Defense Forces can join Garin Tzabar. The preparatory program builds close groups from communities worldwide, along with Israelis who have been living abroad from a young age.
Upon arrival in Israel, each group is adopted by the Israel Scouts and placed in a host kibbutz that quickly becomes the group’s home away from home.
For three months, you will live on the kibbutz and your Garin group will receive special services to ease your absorption into Israeli life. You will participate in seminars with educators and soldiers to develop unity within your Garin, and to prepare for your army service. You will also learn Hebrew and Israeli history and culture.
Once inducted into the IDF, the Garin members go into separate army units according to their interests and abilities, but you will see each other often, heading home to your kibbutz for weekends and holidays throughout your army service, and keeping in touch with your Garin Tzabar family.
To join Garin Tzabar, you must:
  1. Be at least 18 years old (or turning 18 by the end of November after your entrance date) and up to 22 (females) or 23 (males)
  2. Have a high school diploma or be in the process of completing high school before joining Garin Tzabar
  3. Have reasonable Hebrew fluency
  4. Have a total accumulated time of visits to Israel of at least two months
  5. Have a commitment to participating in the program as defined in the admissions packet
  6. Submit a Certificate of Good Conduct – proof that you have no criminal record
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