• How do the students see the place where they live? Make a list of associations and put them on a board.

• Now put two other words up. DIASPORA and GALUT or EXILE. Work out the differences between them.
Is it just an issue of persecution?

• Divide the associations that have been put up into two lists, according to whether they fit the word Diaspora or Galut.
Which is the longer list?

• What would Zionism say about that?a

• Is there any way in which the students feel that they live in Galut? Discuss.

• Divide the students into two or more small groups. One of the groups come up with a scenario about themselves living in a state of exile, while the other half comes up with a scenario about living in Diaspora.

• Act the scenarios out and discuss them.

• Finally ask each group to adjust its scenario so that it keeps the same basic plot and characters but moves it over to the other definition. Those who talked of exile should play out their scene as Diaspora and vice versa.

• Finally discuss, whether and in which circumstances, Diaspora can slip into a situation of Galut.




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