• Do Jews need Israel?
In small groups discuss the issue including some or all of the following points:

- Israel brings a lot of problems and occasional embarrassment to Diaspora Jews.
- Israel brings a lot of pride to Diaspora Jews.
- Judaism is a spiritual religion or a culture which has no need for a land of its own any more than Christianity.
- The Jews are in fact a people or nation and as such they must have a land of their own.
- Having a Jewish country opens up Jews to the charge of not being completely loyal to their own country where they live and thus inhibits the full acceptance and sense of belonging of Jews.
- It is vital for Jews everywhere to have their own country because history teaches us that Jews are never safe in the long run in any place.

• Divide the class into two groups.
- One group should come up with reasons why Jews need Israel.
- The other half have to come up with the opposite reasons.

• Run a full scale debate where the representatives of the two groups take different sides on the motion:-
WE BELIEVE THAT ISRAEL IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THE JEWS OF … (whichever country you live in).

• At the end of the debate prepare for the final vote but prior to it break out of character and discuss the real feelings of the group before voting.





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