Security Assistance Fund

Protecting Jewish Communities at Risk

Security Fund Assistance

In areas where Jewish communal life is threatened, the Jewish Agency for Israel's Security Assistance Fund is there. This essential program provides financial aid to keep synagogues, community centers, schools, and the like free from danger and helps our global family thrive even in the unfriendliest of places.

The places where we gather, learn, and worship together are among the most sacred in Jewish life—they're where we celebrate our heritage and connect as a community. These buildings are at the heart of our daily interactions with our faith. Yet, in countries around the world, it remains a sad truth that there are Jews living in the face of unsafe conditions, unaccepting neighbors, and anti-Semitism in countries including Argentina, Greece, Brazil, and South Africa.

Through the Security Assistance Fund, The Jewish Agency is able to shore up these facilities with extra safety measures. Adding CCTV, alarms, locks, gates, and reinforced walls/doors/windows are just a few ways we're keeping at-risk Jews safe.

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