Ulpan Etzion Ra'anana

Aliyah Ulpan EtzionLionel Rabie

Making Aliyah and need to improve your Hebrew? Learn Hebrew in central Israel as you meet peers from around the world.

Situated in a thriving, upscale city near Tel Aviv known as the “Pearl of the Sharon,” Ulpan Etzion Ra’anana is the “Jewel in the Crown,” whose program is designed specifically for college graduates.  
  1. On-campus accommodation is available to singles and couples without children.
  2. Available for college graduates aged 22-35
  3. Admission for all off-campus students, of any family status, is on a case-by-case basis
  4. On-campus accommodation is available to singles and married couples without children 
Each apartment at Ulpan Etzion Ra’anana has a kitchenette, bathroom, enclosed storage balcony, and basic furnishings. Singles are placed together in one- and two-bedroom apartments, with two occupants per room; couples each have their own studio apartment.  A computer room, recreation room, and lounge are located on the premises. 


The five month course begins in March and September  


800 NIS per month not including utilities.
Tuition is free. 


At Ulpan Etzion Ra’anana, you can extend your Etzion experience from five months to eight, for more time to improve your Hebrew. 
The enhanced program also includes special Hebrew vocabulary tailored to your career; on-site services by the Ministry of Absorption; assistance writing your Israeli CV; individual career counseling; videotaped practice interviews; counseling on your interview skills; and a workshop of several days about conducting a job search in Israel. 



Ulpan Etzion Experiences

  • Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem 2016
    Ulpan Etzion Jerusalem

    Interested in living and studying Hebrew in Jerusalem? Ulpan Etzion will give you the best of both.

  • Aliyah Ulpan Etzion carmel
    Ulpan Etzion Carmel, Haifa

    Soak up the culture and improve your Hebrew as you explore the hi-tech and educational opportunities available in Haifa and the surrounding region.

  • Ulpan Etzion Ramla

    Interested in combining studying Hebrew with staying fit? Ulpan Etzion Ramla offers free entrance at Ramla’s swimming pool and gym.

  • A student takes careful notes in ha'morah Malka Meirs class Aleph-4 at the Ulpan Etzion Absorption Center at Beit Canada in Jerusalem
    Ulpan Etzion Ye’elim Be’er Sheva

    Love the Negev? Start your life in Israel at our ulpan in Be’er Sheva. Our solid academic Hebrew courses will improve your language skills in five short months.

  • Ulpan Etzion + Kibbutz Ulpan on Kibbutz Tzuba

    Kibbutz and Ulpan Etzion - two great experiences that are great together!


Ulpan Etzion Ra'anana

Photos from Ulpan Etzion Ra'anana

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22 Aug 2013 / 16 Elul 5773