Aliyah to Israel Benefits

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As a new immigrant, you are entitled to a whole range of benefits when you make Aliyah.

Some benefits are available to you immediately upon landing (eg: sal klita payments); others are available at a later date (eg: rental assistance); and others are one-off benefits to be taken up within a certain time period.

Click here to view all your Aliyah benefits at a glance (printable PDF)

Aliyah benefits vary slightly according to your Aliyah status. Aliyah flights are organised by the Jewish Agency other than from North America where they are organised through Nefesh B'Nefesh. Please see the downloadable guides below for specific information according to status and country of origin.

Aliyah benefit guides

Oleh / Olah Status

Ezrach Oleh / Ezrachit Olah Status

Katin Chozer / Katina Chozeret Status