Aliyah from South Africa

Aliyah from South AfricaThe Jewish Agency for Israel ©, Israel Centre, South Africa
South Africa Israel Centre Logo Are you considering making Aliyah?
Mazeltov! You'’ve come to the right place to get you going.
The Aliyah Department will help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth absorption into Israeli society. 
South Africa has been pioneering the Aliyah process in many areas, including the annual Aliyah Expos and Flights, helping to sort out most of your Israeli bureaucracy before you even get there.
Download and complete your required documents and bring them along to your meeting: 


The Jewish Agency offers a wide array of programs for new immigrants to ensure you a soft landing in the Jewish Homeland - from intensive Hebrew-language courses to employment resources. Click here to view some of your options. 

Your shaliach will advise you about the programs that are right for you, and be there for every step of your application process. To book an appointment with our shaliach, contact the Israel Centre on 011 645 2560 or email