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18-35 years-old and interested in making Israel your home? We offer specialized aliyah absorption programs designed to help young olim and students take their first steps to a lifetime in Israel.

The programs listed below were developed especially to help new young immigrants integrate into the country, taking your unique needs into account.

Participation in any of these programs will give you the opportunity to learn Hebrew, visit important heritage sites throughout the country, and learn to become part of Israeli society. Our absorption professionals will be there for you along the way, providing guidance while you take your first steps in Israel.

Our programs are located in every region of Israel. Some have two sessions a year; others have start dates every few weeks. Some have been running for decades and have tens of thousands of successful alumni; others are new programs we established to address different groups’ needs. There are diverse options: Hebrew language courses on kibbutzim and in cities; preparation for college or graduate studies; guidance for employment; and preparation for recruitment into the IDF.

Click here to download our Customized Connections brochure with handy details for our programs.

The decision to make your home in Israel is a significant choice. We also suggest that you contact our representatives at the Global Call Center and your local shaliach who will be happy to meet with you and assist you further in making choices regarding your immigration process.

We wish you a “soft landing” and successful absorption. Welcome to Israel.


Young Aliyah Experiences


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