TAKA: Pre-Academic Program

TAKA: Pre-Academic ProgramIllustrative ©, Perry Bindelglass

Interested in pursuing higher education in Israel? Get a head start with our unique preparatory program.

The pre-academic TAKA program prepares immigrant students for undergraduate, graduate, or certificate studies.
At either of the academic colleges offering TAKA, you will study Hebrew language and other subjects that will help you succeed in the Israeli academic environment. You’ll also receive personal career counseling, workshops, cultural activities, and trips.
Tuition for the academic portion of TAKA is free. You may also be entitled to tuition assistance from the Student Authority. Check with your shaliach for more details. 


You may be eligible for TAKA if you are a new immigrant aged 18-30 and fall into any one of the following categories:

  1. You hold a high school or equivalent diploma, such as the IB, Abitur, or GCSE + A-levels.
  2. You plan to attend an institution of higher learning that does not require mechinah (specialized preparatory course) as a prerequisite, or you already know you are exempt from mechinah.
  3. You have studied at a recognized institution abroad for at least two semesters and have earned at least 30 credits.
  4. You plan to enroll in a program that offers certificate studies or practical engineering.
  5. You plan to apply to graduate programs.
(Note: you do not have to have already been admitted to a university or certificate program to enter TAKA, just planning to apply.)
Further eligibility criteria will be explained upon application.


You can choose to stay, for reduced rental, at Absorption Centers in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Ashkelon.



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