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With The Jewish Agency's assistance, any and all Jews around the world can make Aliyah and start new lives in Israel.

That fact remained true throughout the COVID-19 crisis, even with increased logistical challenges, strict health and safety guidelines and other restrictions in Israel and globally. Jews who had long dreamed of moving to the Jewish homeland, and Jews living in places that were not safe for Jewish people, were able to leave their native countries and settle in Israel.
We did not let Aliyah stop for even one day.

  • Despite the challenges of practicing medicine in another country, the interest in Aliyah was high among young medical professionals worldwide in 2020 who felt they could contribute so much more to their beloved Israel during a global health crisis.

  • While the pandemic made the logistics of moving to Israel complicated in 2020, it did not deter families from making Aliyah. In fact, more and more families worldwide are choosing to make Israel their home, with parents wanting their kids to grow up in Israeli society.

  • In 2020, despite COVID, we were able to continue bringing thousands of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters home to Israel, fulfilling their dreams of making Aliyah and safely reuniting them with loved ones already living in the Jewish State.



Shiva Beck
Dallas, Texas

Shiva was born in Iran, two days before the revolution. In the tumult that followed shortly after, her family left the country they had called home and emigrated to the US. She was raised in California and grew up to be very involved in the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and The Jewish Federation of North America’s National Young Leadership Cabinet. After moving to Dallas, she got involved with the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and their Israel and Overseas Committee, leading to her more deeply discovering The Jewish Agency and its programs.

“When I learned about the magnitude of the work of The Jewish Agency, it really opened my eyes to the historical significance of the organization and how it’s ensuring a Jewish future today. That will directly affect my kids, which makes it so important to me,” shared Shiva. “Whether people know it or not, The Jewish Agency impacts the most Jews around the world and facets of Jewish life worldwide every year.”

While Shiva counts Masa Israel Journey and Amigour as some of her favorite Jewish Agency programs, her true connection to The Jewish Agency’s work lies in how the organization facilitates Aliyah of Rescue.

“The Jewish Agency rescues Jews worldwide, which is so important to me, given my own background,” Shiva explained. “I know if at any moment my extended family in Iran needed to get out of the country, The Jewish Agency is who will get them out, and who has helped establish Israel as a safe haven, giving immigrants education and tools to transition to Israeli life. It’s really incredible.”

Shiva has served as a Committee Member since June 2016 and joined the Board of Governors in July 2019. She has been a donor since 2017, recently supporting Operation Zur Israel, reuniting Ethiopian families in Israel after a decade apart, as well as Jewish Agency activities during COVID and more.

Photo courtesy of Shiva
Photo courtesy of Shiva


Moshe Attias

From a young age, Moshe Attias was taught a valuable lesson by his maternal grandfather: be generous without the expectation of recognition. Moshe found this especially true when it comes to helping fellow Jews who leave their homes to live in Israel.

“Israel is a melting pot, a country of olim (immigrants). When I see these immigrants struggling, it’s very clear that we have a responsibility to help them,” said Moshe. “Without immigration, there is no Israel. And without Israel, there would be no Jewish people. The Jewish Agency enables Aliyah and offers so many resources to newcomers. But we need more Israelis to hold immigrants’ hands and make them feel welcome in Israel.”

Today, as the founder and Chief Financial Officer of Matrix, a leading hi-tech company in Israel, Moshe is grateful he is able to give — both through volunteering and financially — through Spirit of Israel, a nonprofit led by CEO Mickey Dahav and founded by The Jewish Agency. Working with volunteers and donors from the private and business sectors, the organization aims to reduce educational gaps, increase equality of opportunity, strengthen vulnerable populations and empower youth from Israel’s marginalized communities.

“Spirit of Israel and The Jewish Agency are really two sides of the same coin,” shared Moshe. “When it comes to bettering Israeli society, helping youth at risk, assisting immigrants and more, they’re both crucial for the future of the Jewish people.”

Moshe has been Chairman of the Spirit of Israel for the last three years. He is also a devoted and involved donor and has volunteered with the organization for over 14 years.

Photo courtesy of Moshe
Photo courtesy of Moshe