The Jewish Agency for Israel (hereinafter: “The Jewish Agency”) respects the privacy of the people who access the websites which it manages and operates (hereinafter: “the Websites”). Therefore, our publicize its policy on protection of privacy on the Websites and terms of use are hereby publicized.

Our Websites offer users general information about our programs, projects, and other topics. We make every effort to ensure that the content is up-to-date.

Should you have any questions regarding the Websites and activities of The Jewish Agency you may contact us directly, via email at

Accessing or using our Websites (however accessed), constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions as detailed herein.


Information We Collect and How We Use It

The Jewish Agency, and its subsidiaries and related entities, intends to send users periodic updates via email or telephone, with information about Jewish Agency services and other relevant services, in addition to marketing and advertising information. Such information will be sent to users who have provided their consent through various means, including direct registration on email platforms, or by providing contact information on various advertising campaigns. Users may withdraw their consent and stop receiving the information at any stage.

Data provided by users is stored on The Jewish Agency databases. There is no legal obligation to provide the information. The Jewish Agency will not pass on personal details to third parties, except in the cases noted below. It may, however, disclose anonymous statistical data about the activity of users on the website.

Information will only be passed on to third parties in the following cases: (1)to Jewish Agency subsidiaries and other bodies affiliated with it, for the purpose of sending updates to users, as previously stated; (2) for the purpose of providing Jewish Agency services through its representatives; (3) if the activity of the Websites, or some of the Websites, is transferred to any other entity, on condition that this entity agrees to comply with the Privacy Policy; (4) in a case of legal dispute between a user and The Jewish Agency which involves disclosure of information: (5) if a user carries out an activity which contradicts the law pertaining to the Websites; or (6) if a judicial order is received that requires disclosure of the user’s details or information about the user.



The Jewish Agency owns all the rights, all the materials that appear on the Websites, including The Jewish Agency logo in the various languages, images, texts, designs, software, applications, code and files.

Subject to the Copyright Law, the use of the materials that appear on the Websites is prohibited, including copying, redistributing and publicly displaying them, without explicit prior written consent of The Jewish Agency. Should you have any questions regarding copyright on the Websites you may contact us directly, via email, to:

When making Fair Use (as defined in the Copyright Law) of the materials that appear on the Websites, the user shall ensure to note the source of the quote.



The Websites may make use of cookies for various purposes, including collecting statistical data, adapting the Websites and displaying content tailored to the personal preferences of the users and information security requirements. There are browsers that allow disabling of cookies. Please refer to the help section of a browser for information about enabling and disabling cookies.



The user will bear sole responsibility for the use he makes of the Websites. In addition, the user is aware that the content on the Websites is not meant to be used in place of professional advice.

The Jewish Agency will not bear any responsibility for tailoring the content on the Websites to the user’s requirements, or for changes made by the user or by any third party.

The Jewish Agency will not bear any responsibility for any harm caused to the user or by any third party in connection with use of the Websites.

The Websites contain links to external Websites that do not belong to The Jewish Agency, and The Jewish Agency does not have any control, responsibility or rights relating to their content.


Information Security

The Jewish Agency applies information security systems and protocol for its Websites. While these systems and the protocol reduce the risks of unauthorized access, they do not provide full security. As such, The Jewish Agency does not guarantee that its services are completely protected against unauthorized access to the data they contain.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

If any amendments are made to this policy a notification will be displayed on the Terms of Use page of the Websites.

The Jewish Agency may take legal action, as required, should these Terms of Use be infringed.


Judicial Authority

Use of the Websites is exclusively governed by the laws of the state of Israel. The sole local authority will be the courts of Law in Jerusalem.


We wish you pleasant and safe surfing, and hope you enjoy The Jewish Agency’s services.


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