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Absorption Centers

Providing housing and resources for new immigrants as they acclimate to Israel

Absorption Centers offer a “soft landing” and transitional housing for new immigrant families and adults at the beginning of their acculturation process in Israel. The Jewish Agency’s 18 absorption centers include classrooms for lessons in Hebrew, preparation for life and employment in Israel, events, activities, and cultural presentations, and serve several thousand olim each year.

There are 13 Absorption Centers for Ethiopians in Israel that provide subsidized housing dedicated to the specific cultural needs of Ethiopian olim. Altogether, these centers serve thousands of Ethiopian immigrants annually.

Absorption Centers for Olim from Around the World cater to the general immigrant population, such as those from the former Soviet Union, South America, and other regions. Five such centers typically serve up to 2,000 olim each year.

Four of the Jewish Agency absorption centers for olim from around the world specialize in the complex needs of olim from regions of distress, including the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. Those who make Aliyah through our Aliyah of Rescue program are provided housing and services in either the Bet Canada center in Ashdod, the Ye’elim center in Be’er Sheva, the Nurit center in Be’er Sheva, or the center in Ra’anana.

Additionally, Ulpan intensive Hebrew language programs for new immigrants are housed within absorption centers, and include five hours a day of intensive, immersive Hebrew-language instruction, five days a week, for five months.

Putting Down Roots in Israel

For Javier and his wife, Dafne, who made Aliyah from Argentina in August 2021, living in a Jewish Agency Absorption Center in Israel has been ‘incredible.’

“Living at The Jewish Agency’s Raanana Absorption Center has been tremendously helpful, from the weekly Hebrew lessons on Zoom to the webinars they provided with different professionals,” shared Javier. “For every step we took along the way, The Jewish Agency was there to provide information and support.”

A Tour in 2020 of our Shoshana Absorption Center for Ethiopian Olim in Kiryat Gat