Adiso and family want to celebrate Passover | The Jewish AgencyAdiso and his family want to celebrate Passover
New Oleh Adiso Kahson

Adiso and his family want to celebrate Passover


Adiso Kahson is nine years old. He made Aliyah to Israel from Ethiopia last week with 13 additional family members

The Kahson family had been waiting 11 years in a Gondar transit camp to make Aliyah. As long as Adiso could remember, his family hoped and prayed that one day they would move to Israel. The family practiced Judaism devoutly and studied Hebrew in preparation for their arrival. The children were even part of a Zionist youth movement in Gondar.

Finally, the Kahson family was approved for Aliyah, and The Jewish Agency for Israel brought them to Israel.

Little had they known that their dream would be fulfilled during a coronavirus pandemic.

Adiso has aunts and uncles living in Haifa and Be’er Sheva who he is waiting to meet for the first time, but he will have to wait longer now, since the Kahsons went directly into quarantine upon their arrival to Israel.

The Jewish Agency has taken care of Adiso and his family’s immediate needs, but they will not be able to leave their homes, visit family members or see their new country for weeks, possibly months to come. They are receiving daily food staples and emotional support, but the holiday of Passover is near and the coronavirus crisis remains very serious in Israel.

You can help Adiso and other new immigrants make their move to Israel, in the midst of this worldwide crisis, the dream they always envisioned.

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