Etya wishes to celebrate Passover | The Jewish Agency – U.S.Etya wishes to celebrate Passover
Amigour resident Etya Papugayev wearing a face mask

Etya wishes to celebrate Passover


Etya Papugayev was born in 1931 in Lithuania to a wonderful family of five

When the war broke out, they moved to the Kovno Ghetto. It was there that Etya lost her parents and both siblings. She was taken in by her aunt, who kept Etya safe until her aunt too was murdered. All alone at the age of 12, Etya went to work as a housemaid for a Polish family who kept her Jewish identity a secret. After the war ended, Etya moved to a Jewish orphanage where she lived until she was old enough to live on her own.

In 1996, at the age of 65, Etya and her children moved to Israel. By 2009, Etya realized she could no longer live on her own and was taken in by The Jewish Agency’s low-income independent living home called Amigour. Etya had suffered so many tragedies in her life and was always left to handle them on her own, but now she is no longer alone.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, Amigour needs your help.

We need more supplies, more hours for the staff to help us, more food packages and more health provisions to help Holocaust survivors like Etya stay safe in their homes. As the holiday of Passover approaches, the needs of the survivors living in Amigour are increasing.

Etya and the other residents of Amigour need your support now more than ever.

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