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The Jewish Agency’s Online Resource Center for Community Resilience

In November 2020, The Jewish Agency launched JReady, a worldwide Jewish Emergency Network, to help communities dealing with new challenges as a result of the pandemic. In just a few short months, with the collaboration of local and global partners, the first-of-its-kind platform established itself as a highly effective operational model for crisis response and communal resilience and continues to provide global communities with essential tools.

In 2022, JReady expanded its activities to 51 countries. Approximately 1,000 leaders and professionals from communities and organizations worldwide took part in trainings, workshops and tours on a variety of topics through the platform.

“This initiative embodies the Jewish value of mutual responsibility, sharing the know-how acquired in Israel and global communities for the benefit of us all. JReady is another layer of the global network that The Jewish Agency is building to strengthen ties between Israel and Jewish communities worldwide.”

– Amira Ahronoviz, CEO and Director General of The Jewish Agency for Israel