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Masa Israel Journey

Immersive Israel Experiences for Jewish Young Adults

Masa is the leader in immersive international experiences in Israel for Jewish young adults (ages 18-30). Our diverse portfolio of study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish studies programs help you grow—as a person, a professional, and a leader— while also developing a robust global professional network.

Since its founding in 2004, Masa Israel Journey has helped over 170,000 young adults from more than 60 countries to strengthen their connection with Israel, empowering a new generation of connected, committed, and inspired young Jewish adults.

The experience can take on many forms (from 2-to-10-month excursions) but the result is the same—a new generation of leadership-minded Jews with a stronger bond to Israel and a deeper understanding of life in our shared homeland.

Ready to go on your journey? Explore options below.

  • Gap Year

    Masa Israel Journey offers college-bound high school graduates the opportunity to acquire a global perspective and to gain a taste of independent living all while having an incredible Israel experience.

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  • Teach

    A 10-month fellowship for college graduates between the ages of 21 and 35 who want to make a difference – contribute to the educational landscape of Israel and gain a remarkable experience abroad.

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  • Intern

    An internship in Israel provides the perfect combination of personal growth, career development and life experience abroad – with challenging responsibilities, and excellent guidance.

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  • Study Abroad

    We offer over 150 programs in Israel, ranging from a semester to a full Bachelors or Masters degree, in some of the world’s most illustrious universities and Israel’s top professors and renowned experts.

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Masa’s hundreds of programs represent several themes, or tracks:

Masa Career: Masa Career offers Fellows the opportunity to gain international on-the-job experience. Masa places Fellows in internships and paying job opportunities with leading Israeli companies and government organizations.

Masa Gap: Masa Gap offers college-bound high school graduates the opportunity to gain a global perspective and a taste of independent living while having a meaningful and memorable experience.

MasaTech: MasaTech is an elite career relocation program that places tech professionals from around the world with leading, cutting-edge Israeli tech companies.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows (MITF): MITF is in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, and the aim is to make the English language accessible to Israeli children in the socio-economic periphery by giving them the essential bases of native spoken English.

Masa Academic Fellows: Masa Academic Fellows spend a semester or year studying in Israel and earn college credit.

Masa Teen Journey: Beginning in the summer of 2022, Masa is making the Masa experience available to teens. Masa Teen Journey offers experiences from 6-10 weeks up to one year. These programs allow Fellows to travel, learn and encounter Israel first-hand with a focus on leadership, personal growth, and impactful volunteering.

Masa Internships: Masa Internship places Jewish college students and graduates in a large variety of highly-coveted, exclusive internships with leading Israeli companies and government organizations.  Masa interns live in Israel for 4-6 months and gain valuable interning experience that is directly relevant to their industry.

Jewish Studies: Masa Jewish Studies programs range from interdisciplinary studies in Israel’s top universities to Torah and Talmud instruction in Israel’s leading yeshivas and seminaries.

  • Judah planned to start his freshman year of college in Fall 2020; due to COVID-19, he instead opted for a gap year in Israel and has volunteered with Magen David Adom

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  • When Mayan arrived in Israel from India to be a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, she decided to not only teach English but spread Indian culture to the students.

  • Chaya had always been interested in living in Israel. With Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, she found the perfect opportunity to do so and make a difference.

  • Ronnie and Maayan first met online, bonding over a shared love of a now-defunct boy band. After dating long-distance for more than a year, they were able to put their love to the test in-person, thanks to Masa Israel Journey.