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Noam, a summer camp shlichah

Noam, Summer Camp Shlichah

Noam, Camp Shalom - Canada
Noam, 23, is from Yad Hana, a settlement in central Israel near Netanya. This summer, she's serving as a seventh grade counselor and an outdoor activities instructor at Camp Shalom in Ontario.


Why did you decide to be a summer camp Shlichah (Israeli emissary)?

I love kids and felt that being a Shlichah would allow me to experience something I could never in Israel: the experience of seeing what life is like for Jews outside of Israel and living that reality myself.

Why do you think that Camp Shlichim are important? 

My camp is very Zionist, teaching Hebrew, singing and dancing to Israeli music and offering other activities related to Israel. However, the vast majority of the camp’s participants do not live in Israel nor can they really imagine what Israeli society is like or understand its culture. Our job as Shlichim is to bring Israel into daily conversations and try to honestly answer every question about Israel and being an Israeli that is asked of us.

What do you think your biggest challenge will be?

The biggest challenge I face in the camp is the campers themselves. They are going to be my whole world this summer and I really hope I can be a significant figure for them and someone they can turn to at any moment.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I really love to write short stories and summer is going to bring a lot of inspiration! ✍️