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TAKA Preparatory Program
At the University of Haifa
**This program is currently not active**

**The Taka Haifa program is currently not active**

Are you planning to apply for higher education at an Israeli academic institution?

Located in the heights of Mount Carmel and featuring a world-class reputation and beautiful views of the Haifa Bay, the TAKA program at the University of Haifa is the best option to improve your Hebrew, expand your academic abilities and build your social network before you begin your studies. This is a unique English-language program for student olim and is funded* by the Israel Student Authority of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, in collaboration with The Jewish Agency for Israel and the University of Haifa.

With completion of the course, students will have:

  • Credits towards a degree at the University of Haifa
  • An exemption from the YAEL Hebrew-proficiency exam, if you finish at Hebrew level Daled-2 or higher
  • Exemption from the Mechinat Olim when applying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Haifa
  • Opportunity to earn a bachelors degree in another two years or a masters degree in one year from the University of Haifa
  • Experiences and friends that you’ll never forget!

Program Dates

Semester A:
03/10/2021 – 14/01/2022

Semester Break*:
17/01/2022 – 10/02/2022

Semester B:
13/02/2022 – 30/06/2022
*Hebrew classes continue to meet during the academic break



A number of dorms at the University of Haifa from which you can choose (at additional fees)
*registration fee of 220 NIS

-The Taka Haifa program is currently not active-


Contact Us

University of Haifa: sschenkem@univ.haifa.ac.il

Your local Jewish Agency representative

Student Authority, for information about your eligibility for financial assistance: aceng@moia.gov.il